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  1. I think this would be a decent idea if handled properly. I've been tossing this about, but forcing someone to use a talent mutator a tier above their gun for a specific talent re-roll would be an interesting way to handle things. If you wanted to spend x3 the cost to roll only one talent, it would be a neat tradeoff.
  2. I very well may be. More minmaxing is never a terrible thing.
  3. Currently all talents in the game are a straight upgrade, with the possible exception of assassin. I feel it would be interesting to have talents that were a mix of plus and minus stats. These would make weapons have more unique feels, rather than being straight upgrades. A few hypothetical examples could be below. Hollow points: +X% Headshot damage -X% Damage Custom Interior: +X% Firerate +X% Recoil/Stability Bladed rounds: +X% damage -X% Range Heavy duty: -X% Recoil +X% weight Spring-loaded magazine: +X%fire rate -X% mag size Bare Bones: -X% Weight +X% recoil Naturally, these talents would be biased towards the positive stat, with higher on average stats than the non-negative talents. They wouldn't be better in every case, just on average.
  4. Grenades are almost exclusively used by low levels and trolls. TNT can destroy health stations, Smoke blocks boss, and discombob ♥♥♥♥♥♥ everyone off. It would save a lot of issues to just remove them from the map/inventories for boss rounds.
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