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  1. i implore anyone reading this to check his post history.
  2. you cant kos for ❤❤❤❤ons, as you cant prove they did it.
  3. ive asked about this and been told this does not qualify as exploiting.
  4. all hail daddy jph
  5. will you go to the winter ball with me?
  6. wasnt the point of the post
  7. what is the quote?
  8. what cl❤❤❤ do you play in d&d?
  9. when are you gonna tell the people the truth about you being a trap?
  10. post your tattoos for me to admire
  11. in a server about op guns where you magically get bonus dmg firerate and healing, making bodies go bye bye is just too much
  12. i agree, as it stands 25%, at max, isnt enough to justify it being a talent, for me, at least. however, something closer to 50% - 90% sounds like a really neat talent, as it forces your enemies to adapt to actually watching you and not folowing your trail of corpses. +1
  13. i think the filter should be a choice, id prefer to know what people are saying rather than not see bad words.
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