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  1. It used to be required to give the party 24 hours to respond to their complaint with their side of the story. Assuming no Forum account creation, we had to look for their steam account for contact or via discord (which is much harder if not already known). Sometimes contact is not possible. But once they were banned, there was a link in the ban message that would show how/where to appeal. From there, they can submit their evidence.
  2. It seems we cannot keep the thread on track about discussion instead of pointless back and forth with name calling. This generally tends to be the case. I will allow this to be unlocked, but if the hostile comments cannot be contained, you will be given a warning.
  3. Unfortunately, this cannot be counted without more evidence. Holding open the Traitor room door is not allowed and is considered trolling. However, without more proof, this case will be closed.
  4. Do you have a video or any more actual evidence?
  5. Do you have a video or any more actual evidence?
  6. Gotten way off topic. Congratulations on the new gloves. The ability to keep this thread on track is now over.
  7. After extensive talks with both Depresso and Helena, there was a misunderstand that the temp trade was for 4 weeks. This was reconciled just now and a tradeback was completed. Both parties are happy. Depresso also believes there was a misunderstanding. The situation was resolved with little staff interaction required. Therefore this will be closed with no further action required.
  8. You have to pay to take stuff out of the garbage?
  9. Killing an innocent is always a killable action. No action required.
  10. After viewing the evidence, ✪Jurger will be banned for Attempted/Mass RDM.
  11. After viewing all the evidence, KeenaDawnstone will be banned for 2 days for attempted Purp RDM (2nd offense)
  12. ✪Jurger has been notified and has 24 hours to respond.
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