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  1. Which server was this on?: EU TTT server In-Game Name of Offending Player: Super Kami Guru Steam ID of Offending Player: STEAM_0:1:53325453 ETA (Estimated Time of Incident): 17:00-18:00 14/11/2017 Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No What Happened: Offence 1: So I was being Shot for out of game information for example I was being too quiet on discord [his discord name is stale memester] Offence 2: I was being Rdmed at the start of the round (Mau can back me on this one) Offence 3: was being called KOS for not choosing to test (Mau can back me on this one) Offence 4: was being called KOS on gun type and not association and after an entire minute passes Witnesses: [MG] Mau5tick (Creditable), Vasa Evidence: https://gyazo.com/173941e08cf2bdacf73ea53422982407 https://gyazo.com/165b1634e5d9cf25009adace7e1da39f Other Notes: [MG] Mau5tick might have already posted a report in a CC only section that has him killing 3 people of the Inno type as a Detective, Sadly I don't have a screenshot of said thing
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