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  1. The real problem with this.. there is barely enough staff to handle reports.. lets add scrolling through hundreds of inventories daily. Not feasible. /shrug I mean.. what happens if staff doesn't want to do this additional job..
  2. F to the staff having to scroll through inventories.
  3. But for real, a full inventory wipe every year would keep shit fresh. but a lot of collectors (like me) wouldn't enjoy it too much. 😉
  4. In-Game Name of Offender dRaiNed brAH + 2 others Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:104912618 Date of Incident 03/27/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description Purp RDM + Role Ghosting Evidence @Wanky Danky Waldo was able to get the reggin and give him a 7 day for the last bit after his buddies got the boot. reggin STEAM_0:1:40151179 BigAssaultTank STEAM_0:1:86007160 dRaiNed brAH STEAM_0:1:104912618 Attachments
  5. Btw, use !menu in chat to bring up the little command menu
  6. What a shocker.. whoever could have thought that Jam would lie about people. kek + 1 - that shit alone is annoying when you take the time to report a mass rdmer and for weeks they are around mass rdming before they finally get removed. A good bit of staff prob ghosted like a fair amount of player base when the inventory glitches happen. and I don't blame them. A good bit of staff are overwhelmed when they do play, like Papa Bear has attested to. (Thanks btw @Papa Bear for being one of the responsive t staff out there) Which that shit right there is why I would never staff, its too much cons for not enough pros. But hey mass unbanning everyone definitely didn't lead to this cancer problem.. another good idea from the community retard though. /shrug
  7. 100x agree with you. That has been a running issue with this leadership for years though. Made worse by Cole's actions, or lack thereof.
  8. try aiming down the scope and actually sniping with it.. dumb ass
  9. Staffing is voluntary and they don't have committed hours. thats why there are VIP commands to call votes. But big agree on the lack of expediency on forum reports. Especially on ones where its blatant mass RDM over multiple rounds.
  10. Now now.. there is no proof or not that Jerry didn't know about any updates.. Cole could just as easily surprised him as well with a sudden rollback. Its not like Jerry is actually active in his Community Lead position so /shrug
  11. bruh that was your biggest mistake.. after that Nov/Dec meltdown shit..
  12. wtf did you spend SC on.. there wasn't even in crates in the donation
  13. I just miss the play dead, sexy, and the m4 and sterling silver I bought during that week.. also the 500k i gambled up too xD
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