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  1. same with Trigger as well pl0x
  2. @Zedigy All powerups are Passive and therefore directly affect gunfights with the exception of Ammo Hoarder. Flame Reee affects gunfights with Boom/Inferno. Then whats your opinion on the Marathon Runner, Passive, affects gunfights. Paired with those users who main -30 (or higher) weight meme guns, really impacts gunfights. Most of the new players/low skillers can't compete with some of those out there with their 40 weight setup and bunnyhops crossmap at sonic speeds. But I can see how 24 health is detrimental. 🙂 Really don't get this argument.. Shoot half a second longer without missing.. Gee Gee
  3. 1 tap pistols - shoot another round. I carry a 101 hs dmg OTS. Takes half sec to realize if someone survived the first shot and a flick to plug another round in them. 2 tap deagles? - aim for the head noob. stock deag 1 taps head through healthbloom/hardhat 1 tap springfields - you mean the body shot ones? As a springfield user I get more frustrated over limb damage hits. But thats part of the gun. Since there isn't any contacts or bounties for springs typically only memers use Springs for the challenge/RiskReward. Don't get all this salt over a 20-24 extra health. Players get outplayed is all. Git Gud and aim to overkill.
  4. my exact point.. on a gun that easily should be over 700 RPM, not even an additional 0.1 TTK for a 3rd shot.
  5. Old players already know how to farm IC.. this would only cause more inflation.. Do your dailies. zzz
  6. Usually this happens when there is too many 'things' in the server, so the server just starts cutting players off so it can recover. IE like if someone decides to decon 200+ items at once, the server has a little hiccup and boops some peeps. Or just from the huge flood of errors or such. You could try file verification on your side to see if it was something that went bad with yours. But typically when I get this its from the server booting me and after a min or so I can jump back in.
  7. Ooooo Make it a T2 talent. Or a special gun/Limited gun. Like Copycat/Wild/Wildcard, etc. Or even better.. limited gun, all 3 talents are RTD. Yesh.
  8. So.. a stronger out of combat version of medicality? Kinda dumps on that talent. If thats going to be the case would need to revamp the talent, Why not just have this as its own thing? Nb4 health bloom is op.. git gud. 🙂 For most guns its 1 additional bullet. Noone cries over body armor. But one little power up and all the sodium comes out. Basically people who can't land headshots. kek
  9. Only thing Froghopper needs is that crouch should be disabled after jumping/midair. This will end all the grief about crouch jumping/hitbox glitching. zzz
  10. Sweet. I love it. When I need to farm D kills as a T I can just kill the same D over and over again. Same same for when I need T kills as a D. Totally hasn't been suggested over and over before. 🙂
  11. Shush. you are not authorized to disclose classified material 🤐
  12. Full discloser.. there is a secret ninja art that allows you to push someone really really far with specific melees.. You just gotta get lucky with your drops 🙂
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