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  1. Not all sp.awned guns are bad. For example, at least this was how it was before, but if you suggested a new talent and it was accepted you would get a sp.awned gun of your choice with that talent. Hence why there was a Pew M4. It was that players reward for the talent suggestion. Now, the dual minigun sp.awn.. that was a poor choice made again
  2. If there was an event for melee and you had to get headshot kills even though you cant hit anything other than body.. it would still be as stoops to try it as it is trying to get 1 shot or headshot kills with shotguns. Or ❤❤❤❤.. lets just say.. the Huge one.. Headshot kills.. Good luck folks.
  3. Shotguns typically don't get you 1 shot kills.. look at the damage logs after you kill someone with a shotgun, each pellet is considered a separate source of damage. You shouldn't be aiming for the head with a shotgun anyways. there isn't much of a headshot modifier on shotguns and you are only hurting yourself when you miss pellets. Stop using weapons badly and for the wrong reason 🙂
  4. sp.awned means that a member of staff created it. and I doubt this person dm'd cole feet pics soooo. basically the difference is that if its sp.awned - its "legal" If its glitched - its "illegal"
  5. its just one of the glitched guns from back when the stat glitched happened.
  6. Yep. if you have a pair of Wildcard Dual Elites you can roll t1 Twins on it should doubles the gun again. so you have 4 guns a blastin.
  7. Wipe inventory.. and make planetaries a 100% drop. Ez.
  8. Whoa. You might need to reach out to JPH to get that addressed.
  9. Known Visual Glitch.. it resolves itself.
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