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  1. @s8nPlzBut if there are none for sale nor dropping, it makes it so people are unable to mutate their weapons at all.
  2. The market has completely flipped around since the changing of the donation packages making Cosmic Talent mutators now nearly impossible to get while many people are having difficulty getting rid of their cosmic stat mutators. I feel that the donation packages should allow you to choose which type of mutator you receive. I.e. if you buy the $100 package you get to choose if you want a Cosmic Talent mutator or a Cosmic Stat mutator or if you donate $20 you should get to choose if you want an Ascended Talent or Ascended Stat mutator. This change will completely equalize the pricing on the mutators and stop the shortages of certain mutators. TL:DR - Option to choose the type of mutator from donations.
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