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  1. The ban has been removed from your account, apologies that this ban was given in the first place. Ban Expunged
  2. I bought VIP at level 3, became staff at level 17. There is no need for a level requirement for votekicking, we have a system in place that directly deals with those who abuse their powers.
  3. The issue that we identified is that this was done during event rounds where both sides were ignoring the objective in order to get eggs, but also that in cases where there was only meant to be one egg several were given. Unless an agreement is made to make this an event, abuse of the above methods will result in punishment.
  4. Please contact me on Discord, JPH#8416. When you do, please post your Discord ID on this thread to verify it is you.
  5. Psi, it's been nice playing and talking with you but I will have to deny this appeal. Denied
  6. You were banned for this complaint: Please look at the evidence then give your side.
  7. You Mass RDM'd because you got mad, you should have reported them instead of taking matters into your own hands. Denied
  8. I am unable to message you due to your Discord settings, nor have you done as asked and message me.
  9. Apologies for the delay, I have removed this ban from your account. Unbanned
  10. @[Pudding Jesus] Tapioca Since you have seen the link on your profile, are you able to give your side now?
  11. At your request, this will be upheld. Denied
  12. After seeing your response the complaint made against you, I feel comfortable denying this, you are not welcome here. Denied
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