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  1. I would like to see more feedback on this! 😄
  2. I will be taking over this complaint. @DwightIsMyHomie please dm me on Discord, JPH#8416
  3. Map creator intentions are not the same as what we enforce, we clearly detail that being somewhere with invisible textures is classed as exploiting. Closing..?
  4. As there is sensitive information that would be the subject of this, I would prefer if you were to message staff members that you had contact with to discuss this, hopefully you find what you're looking for 😃
  5. This has been brought up in development talks, we will be looking into this further.
  6. JPH

    Trading Lounge

    I wanted trading lounge back which was also highly requested, so I brought it back. It was being misused, so after taking steps to moderate the channel it became apparent that they weren't going to use it for what it was for and would require constant moderation. Maybe I'll bring it back... I'll think about it.
  7. Ye, is a pain to scroll through in damage logs 😄
  8. It's the other way around on the damage preview, mine shoots 37 pellets dealing 3 damage per.
  9. Use the !comp command in-game!
  10. They have been useless for so long, they get a buff and you want them to be useless again?
  11. My three Trepaci's second, third and forth this.
  12. It is a shame that Paypal is no longer an option, but people were abusing the easy charge-back method to exploit the server.
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