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  1. Instead of XP maybe to make low level items useful they can add in some kind of stackable material that levels up guns when you have enough of them. Different rarity materials can sell for more and give more XP. Like a cosmic material will give 100k XP, or ascended Material 10k, and HE 1k. Also give incentive to decon sh!tty cosmics!
  2. Yes! Even better idea than what i had introduced!
  3. Would be a great idea but I can see it causing server lag, as it will be moving many items as the game is running.
  4. So seeing all these broken servers that force others as spectators and needs an admin to reset has given me an idea. Before you react with a negative comment or image, hear me out. Many players who are playing normal TTT will generally pass the time opening crates, buying crates, etc. This causes some lag when someone mass decons, mass buys, or opens crates at a fast pace. By creating a server for those who specifically just want to chill and talk to others, or open crates and gamble, it would solve this dilemma. It will create a "safe space" of sorts for those who don't want to hear others screaming/gunshots/being killed because they are afk (when they are just opening crates). Having this area would be a somewhat nice addition to moat, as i generally spend my time opening crates or gambling my time away. I hope that this idea at least gets talked about, and is not just outright hated on because I was the one that posted it. (And yes, I know who you few players are that would do this.) :)
  5. Ok maybe not BIG but just an fyi to not use tokens on TTC or TTT 7
  6. Ingenious

    Big bug for TTC

    So if you start a boss round, and the boss kills the det you become a detective if you were bodyguard. Just found out others can kill you once you become a detective.
  7. Would be nice, but no TTC change will ever be implemented due to the creator leaving moat a while ago!
  8. Basically if it is pc'd at 20k, it will always be 20k. Since it wont be able to reroll, it can stay at the price it was pc'd at
  9. Never said they change in price, said they stay at set price since they cant be rerolled. :)
  10. So I am not claiming this idea as my own, as an FYI. I heard an amazing idea, which is basically to turn all high end lover weapons into extincts to balance out the items of the valentines weapons. Would be cool, and also puts set prices on said guns!
  11. Calling it as I see it. I love moat so even if there is a wipe I'm still playing on it. At this point, its gone on long enough. I'm not opposed to a "wipe," so IMO, (and i say IMO), there should be a fresh start. With everything that is going on, assets and everything broken, we should start the slate clean and start keeping backups of each day. What happened wasn't anyone's fault but H2L, so Cole isn't to blame here, as much as I see people calling him out on it. So to sum it all up. *A wipe is appreciated, and maybe necessary for the time being. We could see how this thing goes on for now, but people are only going to get more angry if they lose more items that they obtained during this bugged season.* For all of you that I know are gonna call me out on it, This is all my opinion, and.... No, I'm not simpin for Cole. I'm just stating facts.
  12. I dropped this beauty and got it all the way to 50. I dropped it less than 24 hours from when he did the roll back too. : (
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