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  1. This is very much needed. The last time I saw a cosmic talent mut was just after the un-wipe. Since then I think for most people they have had to resort to buying a planetary mutator instead which is much more expensive.
  2. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:207968554 Rank Applying For: Moderator Why do you want to be promoted?: I've been staff for a bit over a month now and I've become very familiar with all the duties associated with rank and I know that I am capable of contributing more to the team by doing forums work or just continuing to staff the servers. I've also noticed that the higher up in the ranks you are, the less time you have to spend in-game which I've been told is partly due to the amount of forums work that comes with it, which is a bummer; so being able to take part of the load off of other staffs backs would be pretty cool. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: As I mentioned above, I'd like to help reduce the amount of work for other staff members by helping on the forums with player complaints and just moderating the forums in general by removing spam posts for example. Handing player complaints isn't much different from handling in-game reports so I think it will be fairly easy learning how to handle them. I would also be able to moderate the servers more efficiently and effectively with the new commands given, whether it's by toggling a voice battery (I don't think that'll be needed often) or teleporting stuck people. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: Mostly yes, I've talked to s8n about mod duties. How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: On days that I am working, I will be doing most of my duties in the evening hours, but otherwise, I will be doing them anytime throughout the day.
  3. Free items, sign me up!
  4. ign: Cayuga [moat.gg] disc: Cayuga #4040 You're really fun to play with and it'll be sad seeing you leave so I hope you reconsider and decide to stay
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