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  1. Reported player has been added via Steam and has 24 hours to respond ( @sasho.bg )
  2. Reported Player ( @ICEKILLER_99 ) has been contacted Via Steam and has 24 hours to respond
  3. Can I please get shotlogs and the start of damage logs (they're cut off) @Domb
  4. But others will say the same meaning cheated IC will go through also. I was thinking either a complete wipe excluding rank (like last time) or keeping all items that are proven to not be glitched, and therefore people will still miss out but will not entirely lose everything
  5. As a Mod I have dedicated a lot of time to playing in-game (over 40 days) and I’ve already been through one wipe and I originally was afraid when a first wipe happened. I refused to come on to the server for almost a month because I didn’t wanna have to restart the amount of time I had lost. And yet, when I got on and started playing again, I got addicted. I need to make this clear that I DO NOT WANT A WIPE but that I AM NOT OPPOSE TO THE IDEA OF A WIPE. If the server cannot be corrected within a certain amount of time e.g. a month, i believe a wipe would be what’s best for business. Should their be compensation? Possibly, I believe all real money spent in-game should (just as it was last time) be reinstated. However, my opinion on in-game stuff like IC and weapons/cosmetics is mixed. I don’t want these broken weapons going through though. I also think that a wipe would be pretty good due to the timing surrounding Spring Crates and the Summer Climb (if it’s reoccurs). We would have a little bit of time to gain weapons and items of a decent tier and Extinct Dual Weapons could be brought back in the Spring Crates (the decent weapons would make it so the economy surrounding dual weapons wouldn’t be extreme nor would they be OP in-game) Anyway Id like some second opinions because why not? Thanks for listening to my little boomer rant Pepega Clap
  6. He’s trying to fix it. It’s his server and his choices. You chose to put the time in and he’s trying to fix the errors he made, bare with him
  7. A bit of a stretch but a possibility. Are you looking for 2 new extra servers or for 2 of the current server to be changed and either way are you looking for a one normal and one MC server? Can you please go into more depth
  8. I just don't see the point, we don't really need to add any more models. And even if more were, they'd have to be ones that almost everyone agreed on. It seems kinda like a bias that you want the model in-game
  9. Too non-specific. What are the chances? Can anyone harvest the organs? Can the golden model and some form of harvest animation be put into the game? Is harvesting organs considered a Traitorous action? How much IC do you get? What tier talent is it? Etc
  10. Don't think it's just you in the dark, basically the entire staff team is also. I haven't came on the server since the bug was announced. I doubt another wipe is in order but since there are technically less items overall since pre-wipe, if they do decide to wipe the server again, it is possible you will be compensated for (No Promises)
  11. I cannot really give my opinion on this since I haven't heard anything back form the higher ups about solutions or decisions surrounding this. I am still debating whether or not I even want to come on the server since I haven't up to the point of the glitched items coming out.
  12. I have contacted the reported player and they cannot recall the scenario in which they shot you. However, due to the lack of shotlogs/deathscene I cannot punish the reported player. Locked and Archived
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