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  1. Your human rights have now been revoked
  2. This is the most useless thing you could do. But who doesn't want to her "PEW" said many times in a matter of seconds
  3. Yeah and reducing damage drop off increase damage consistency on weapons with range in mind
  4. (Just to shorten the mention) I've heard some of these before and some are in my playlist but Ill re-listen to them and maybe add them. I appreciate the recommendation as its one of the tame ones which I'm looking for 🙂 Thanks man
  5. We have an Accuracy based Talent (which is a stat), We have a Weight based Talent (which is a stat), We have a Stability/Kick based Talent (which is a Stat) so why don't we have a Talent for Range (I was also gonna suggest a talent for draw speed but that seems kind of unnecessary) This would be called "Marksman" and the description would be "Range is increased by (25-35) -%" because the range percentage increase the original range of the weapon so I want the percentage range to be fair so it works for both Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers and Pistols alike. I don't aim for it to become a majorly liked talent since most people aren't into stability or accuracy that much anyway. I just thinking making it so the damage drop off is reduced would be a good idea. Anyway I'm looking for opinions on this so feel free to drop them below or upvote/downvote this topic
  6. Me and the boys in a discord server like listening to music while in a call using Rythm and I thought it'd be a good idea to look for songs. We're primarily looking for Rock/Metal songs (this does include things like Heavy Metal and Death Metal being included if they are actually good and don't just scream for no reason) If you reply with them and a link to them i'll check em out and respond. If they're already in circulation then ill just tell you. Thanks Guys 🙂
  7. If you have any 2-tap/Decent MSBSs for sale hmu
  8. I wasn't here 3 years ago nor did I earn the Joule from the Summer Climb so yes. Free ❤❤❤❤ Pog
  9. Yes. On the condition I get some too.
  10. I can answer this one. His trap hentai collection is extremely extensive so much so that it's bigger than Sparked (5'2) PogU
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