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  1. Wrong link, this is the Ethereal skin from your other post
  2. I don't know, maybe do it in the discord. Still wanna buy it though
  3. Most shotguns struggle to utilise projectiles, as i’ve said before my flak has a 15% chance to shoot a pear but it’s not each bullet, It’s each shot. Meaning I have a 15% chance that each bullet launches a pear and a 85% chance no pears are shot. It’s all or none unlike the slog.
  4. Must be the 5th time i’ve seen this exact title
  5. My best memory was when i first joined and realised i had found another way of wasting my life
  6. I feel like this needs to be made both for new players and experienced players since a lot of people don't understand a few nice little details that help players who buy/sell/trade items. I'm gonna keep this pretty simple and add extra bits in if I get responses worth adding Price Checking If you're gonna make a price for your item, make sure its accurate. Otherwise going to the PC section on the discord is most effective. You CAN say you WANT a certain amount for an item but you CANNOT say that's the items WORTH. Purposefully lying about items values can be considered scamming (obviously depending on the situation). If you say you WANT an amount that's a little bit above its value, then that's completely acceptable since you actually have to try and sell it and maybe want a bit out of the trouble. Lowballing/Overpay Lowballing is offering extremely low for an item. If someone is selling an item, it's probably best you ask what the person is looking for to trade. Overpaying is paying more for an item then its worth, if you chose to offer on an item and you find out its above the value of the item then that doesn't mean you've been scammed since you chose to offer on that. If you don't believe its worth that then don't offer, let the other person waste their money C/O and B/O C/O is Current Offer and it represents the most (or preferred offer) on an item you have. If two people offer the same/similar amount, one in pure and one in mixed, then the person who is selling can chose based on what they want. B/O is Best Offer and is the maximum price you want and will take for an item. Normally when you get offered your B/O you will no longer take offers as doing so is considered to be a bit of a ❤❤❤❤ move. Set Prices A lot of items tend to have set prices (which can be slightly altered when selling), and these tend to be set to items such as Taunts, cosmetics, mutators etc. Basically most items without talents/stats. The prices of the mutators are pinned in the PC section of the discord, though they change when the market shifts. Other items will have to be pc'd by others. Thanks for listening to my little guide, I would really like some opinions and stuff to add to this as I want it to be more community involved 🙂 -Leading
  7. I think they could improve stalker rounds by having it so Thrown knives only deal a specifically low amount of damage e.g 150 so they aren’t OP, Increase the rate at which stalkers can throw knives and maybe give the stalker the ability to throw smokes or discombobs to distract people.
  8. Teaspoon Idea (+meme version) - it’s decent i guess, not much to say about it. Bad idea to have a meme version of a melee weapon, especially a cosmic Melee range - Extending melee range is a poor idea, since the whole point is it’s a point black weapon Spud gun - What are the weapons stats because the weapon just sounds OP, Having a strong T2 talent in all talent slots is extremely overpowered Stat/Talent mutators + mutator crates - Having any mutators bellow high-end is a bad idea especially since rapids exists. The idea of having a mutator crate isn’t bad but it’s been recommended before.
  9. Bro i got my ❤❤❤❤ back then like a week ago bought a cosmic MSBS which just dissapeared from my inventory, so now i'm at the back of the comp list.
  10. It’s a good idea but has been recommended before and never implemented
  11. Flame ❤❤❤❤❤❤ant reduces damage taken by ALL explosives which includes, T-traps, props, The explosive talent, throwables and T-weapons. Divinity is specific to the effects of one talent you suggested, meaning the talent being turned down would instantly invalidate it.
  12. A weapon isn’t supposed to be sided though nor should it have a stat unique to it. I have a high-end meme SR with high RPM and i’m pretty sure it doesn’t even reach 200 plus 50-60 damage means it could theoretically one tap whilst still having an rpm higher than a meme variant of the weapon. Having a weapon be buffed in every category and then majorly nerfed in mag size isn’t a good balance. sorry
  13. I literally said it was a bad desperate time in-game earlier, i wish i was logged in though so I could make a response 😞
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