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  1. So a kill tracker would be placed on the weapon card as well as the one the appears when someone kills you. Ideally it would be something all guns have as just a general quality of life upgrade, however making the item a drop able as an ascended (or cosmic depending on how the market would be affected) that you'd attach to your gun the same as you would a paint, tint, name mutator etc or maybe as a gun prefix (for example killtracking titan t1 m4a1 ) would be intresting too.
  2. Thats because you do damage. The server gives you a hit marker for causing damage lol for example, push someone off a building and they die? Hit marker. Hit someone with a melee? Hit marker. Roast one of the homies a lil too hard? Hit marker.
  3. How often do you people get banned for this to actually become viable to you
  4. Trey

    LUA errors

    No luck on that either :<
  5. Trey

    LUA errors

    No luck with that either
  6. Trey

    LUA errors

    ive reinstalled, restarted pc, re connected a few dozen times already
  7. Trey

    LUA errors

    Has anyone else experienced an issue where the server juts sits on starting LUA? If so does anyone know how to fix it? EDIT: Its completely server side as i can join any other server.
  8. To be honest half of these are very redundant for example revive, hax, consistency, execution and victory rush. Others like stockpile would be very over powered in a good traitors hands and kinda ruin the game for anyone hoping to kill that T running around with petentionally a two tap beast mode *shudders* Some are atcually kinda intresting like from the grave, rend, Hawkeye. Ultimately very creative and well thought out plus one my dude +1
  9. in literally any situation a staff member is available to handle a situation rather than someone randomly kicking
  10. This technically falls under both community and TTT server so i am just posting it here. The community after the reset is in dire need of staff. Currently there is not enough staff to manage the servers or respond to most pings (and most of the current t staff is never on server anyway). I understand people have lives and i wouldn't expect someone to cancel a irl family even to make sure rules are followed on server. That being said as i stated previously more staff should be made to manage the server that way the work load is not on a group of maybe 3 to 6 people. As a side note, More staff means more people on server to take care of reports meaning less people attempting to abuse vote kick and getting someone wrongfully banned for 30 mins.
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