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  1. yes becuz ppl are not running fast enough and i need them to be more unkillable
  2. but u are a full blown trap a few people has heard ur trap voice
  3. when are you coming out as a trap?
  4. the map dev wasnt part of moat at any point? we were in another community which didnt have blink
  5. throwing banana bombs/rsb/gas grenade/incids
  6. @xHp https://moat.gg/community/topic/47030-should-blinking-in-the-t-room-be-against-the-rules/?tab=comments#comment-238942
  7. As robotfartass was warned for the VK Abuse in this report that happened on the same day This report will be closed Locked and Archived
  8. After reviewing the evidence, the player STEAM_0:0:147118811 will be banned 1 day for Purp RDM 1st Locked and moved to ban request
  9. Closed due to insufficient evidence Locked and archived
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