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  1. One word. Turrets.
  2. Then you must have never tried to throw a flash then jihad.
  3. It being a wacky round would arguably be even worse. That means many more lower levels would have no idea what a jester is and are sure to kill them when provoked. And they probably won't get a chance to understand it with it being rarer than usual
  4. And fists should have 0 draw-time.
  5. How much they're used/How strong they are.
  6. I don't see why it would be hard to implement, just have 1 "main" powerup slot that, powerups that take both slots have to be in this slot. And then just check on that slot against a list of powerups, if the equipped powerup is not on that list, a secondary powerup slot would be usable. In terms of deciding, it's just a matter of balance. I think it's pretty obvious Credit Hoarder and Health Bloom should take both slots, while Silent and Goblin should only take one. I don't know if there would be a consensus on other powerups, but I'd say Marathon Runner should take both slots, and possibly XP Lover, while others should only take one slot. I'm not sure how I feel about Hard Hat.
  7. Several powerups are rarely ever used or used by very few people, not because they aren't good, but because there are other much more powerful powerups. So I thought if we had a 2nd powerup slot, all powerups would have their uses. BUT Powerful powerups such as Credit Hoarder and Health Bloom, would individually take up BOTH of these slots. So you can choose between using Credit Hoarder, or have Goblin and Cat Sense for example.
  8. Nah, give it back its op stats and give it a max mag size of 12 (max cosmic mag size).
  9. Rather than resetting everything, try this first.
  10. That said, I don't think 200% is ok, but there's no option inbetween. I think something like 60-120% should be balanced.
  11. To the People are saying swift above 100% is too strong: You're forgetting how powerful other T1 talents are.
  12. Is this a parody account? Cuz it feels like a parody account.
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