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  1. So I was a staff for a while for those I've had the pleasure to work to help, I'd like to know what you think I could've done better while staff. Those who don't know me I'd like to know what you want out of what you'd "consider" a "good" staff member for moat. For a future time, when I try and get back to the staffing program. I have a few ideas myself on how to improve the efficiency of myself while staff; creating a log book of my own, recording more than screenshots, saving evidence by date. But I'd like to know more ideas,and feedback to hopefully be able to help the community more. Thanks for your time, Fink
  2. after they changed the prices i can say aye
  3. Can we get some ayes, and nays on the new vs old bounty system?
  4. nevermind i misread the winner ill delete the post if a admin doesnt first
  5. Where do i go for support tickets after a versus failed to payout I didnt buy any of those holiday crates i got them from a admin and someone dropping them after paying 100$ and the hat is from a token drop but the pay out said it happened a while before but it was cause i didnt realized i won it till i saw it later on
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