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  1. also i just remembered that people have like 200 mutators, so it would be easy to get
  2. you realize the only way to get moat to fix something is to shove it in their face 24/7 until they do something about it right?
  3. what if we change planetaries up a decent bit, because they are definitely not worth their pricetags and rarities, what if the 4th talent and be a t1, t2, or t3 talent? making them actually worth the rarity and cost
  4. https://imgur.com/a/8i4E4Ng
  5. _y33t

    Copycat Guns

    Add a purchasable random copycat gun to the market for 100k-150k for a limited time, thats all that needs to be said If you agree with me, click the up arrow instead of reacting with a checkmark, thanks
  6. anyone who had access to the original, even if they didnt have edit access, could just make a copy and start updating it and send that out
  7. the price of mutators (ascended and cosmic) fluctuate depending on which of the two for each rarity is being sold through the support tab, so you cant really just set their price in stone
  8. you were 100% not the only player with access to it, but whatever, cool idea
  9. you forgot to edit the first lvl 10
  10. this exact thing, but for player levels, was my idea, so i agree
  11. How would you define what goes in which spot? Personally if this was going to be implemented, i would have it so that more cosmetic things, such as vapes, taunts, and throwables such as snowballs (non-damaging) would go into one slot, and utilities like nades would go into the other, this would however gloss over the point that cobalt brought up about not being able to use play dead and a vape at the same time. How I see it, is that if you had 2 slots that you could put anything into, you would have rich players running around with a Christmas flash and Christmas frag combo, going to the largest group of people and killing them all in one blow, untraceably, which in my opinion, is pretty overpowered. Let me know what you were thinking.
  12. i feel like there should also be a system like this for player levels, maybe with like a little icon next to your level for every time you prestige, and you have the option to after you hit level 100, because i feel that every event is insanely more profitable for lower level players, as everything so far has been given out as level rewards as well as being purchasable, maybe it would get a little harder to level every time you prestiged, so that it wouldnt be overly abused, but would still allow older players to benefit more, it would also be kinda cool to flex like 3 prestiges, instead of level 170 or whatever
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