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  1. Dispites their power. They arent that strong ironically. and unreliable through walls and sometimes normal cases. I have seen people die while another standing a tiny bit away take 0 damage/not die from a proximity mine (all innocents getting blasted). Also if you make it like what you said. it becomes basically a worse Jihad.(Jihads only hurt people who are unobstructed. any Map walls/stuff(nomatter how small) can allow you to survive a jihad. i had survived by 2/2 ''world brushes'' (or however you say gmod sizes).
  2. While High hp rounds are sometimes annoying. It is usually quite helpful damage testing and seeing how effective you are at killing people. The problem about High hp rounds is that a rare chance the wacky round doesnt trigger. but still gives everyone +400 Extra Max hp. because you know. Insta kill weaponry (Knifes. freeze guns. Awp(headshot apperently) and some others can help in the killing of some people). Also on high health rounds. quite alot of players are more relaxed. With false hope they dont die quick because of the increased health. giving you more chances on headshotting people.
  3. Well you got the Accurary buff you always wanted.
  4. Wait. you were expecting it was the Opposite help?(Basically any question would be ''Not so helpful'').
  5. Tbh No event servers can be useful. i sometimes see 2 people hopping servers. and 1 making the other a Boss.(while the 1 making the guy a boss goes afk, for reasons, i kind of feel this is bad Boosting/Farming behavior) and sometimes. People just dont like losing their T rounds to someone just going ''TIME TO GO EVENT'' dispites nearly noone really wanting it. (Event rounds dont count as normal rounds. but still Provide roles you should have gotten, aka T and stuff).
  6. Tbh they should keep it at this. but tbh even on 100% (Double barrel shotgun) it nearly instantly reloads. so any higher wont really matter tbh.
  7. You could..hmm i dont know. Disable cosmetics?
  8. I was also about to say. just add a special melee for the Deathclaw. with some long range. High damage. Katana tier speed. or whatever.
  9. *Sounds of mass rdm via messed up throw* While yes their area could be more range. (Splash). It could cause more trouble then its worth.
  10. But...they are Area of Effect items....To a small degree.
  11. While you can in theory that Visionary is outpaced with Radar. do remember that Visionary gives a Instant Location/Wallhack like view On kills every so often.. instead of a ''Person was here since last scan''. with a range up to 100(with btw. having used it with 90, is quite far and informative. Infra-sight is a bit on the weird end. and probly only good vs Stalker/Deathclaw. The only ways it helps if you are chasing someone and you have it active, and they try to hide/ambush you, but even then its quite weak, (Range Talent would be a waste talent tbh, Unless the talent improves Range stat like the Reload talent)
  12. Techinal fix is to reduce Neutral jump by 25-50%. (to counteract froghopper. because this happens most of the time due to froghoppers :P. ofc this not a real fix given everyone that Doesn't use froghopper suffers from it). Could be wrong ofc. The only problem is that crouching in air will ''Pop'' the playermodel a tiny bit higher. Sometimes, its just Hitregister that's the problem. with is ironically eazly fixed by removing Models.(using only default skins)
  13. This is funny on many levels. given 1: its not a exploit(since when is jumping exploiting? might as well remove the entire jump mechanic). 2:Jumping is a natural occurance to avoid being headshotted. 3:If you don't like people going into the roof. maybe don't go into rooms where this can happen. tbh this sounds again like a case of ''Waaaaa, he didnt stand still, he jumped so I cant headshot him,''
  14. If you check it haves a ''%'' chance with from experience(I had a ammo hoarder with only %). its basically 0. so it does prox. but its instally gone/doesn't appear.
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