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  1. Best moat moment 2 weeks of me being staff throws baby nade not near anyone I look back kills 4 ts and completed anti traitor force daily. Wdym I’m best staff this just proves it
  2. Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:172237213 Rank Applying For: mod Why do you want to be promoted?: was previously a mod then i had to asked to be demoted because i couldn't keep up with doing the work there for im Back to being t staff. My schedule has calmed down and I think i can get back into the swing of doing more work for the server. What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?: I mean there not much forum work now but i can still help out like on servers and answer help counter to help prevent things from getting out of hand. Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?: yes How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?: as much as i can to benefit the server
  3. free things be free gib me that worn glock
  4. nah hb just needs to be a talent instead of a power up
  5. why are they cosmic they have ascended stats like smh they should ether be changed to ascended tier or be buffed to cosmic stat https://imgur.com/a/CdeIZjB
  6. H2oNinja

    New talent

    So this talent name could be anything but what it dose is it works like how milk dose in Minecraft it gets rid of potion effects well this talent would only get rid of positive effects on the player being hit aka a good boss fighting talent. so it would get rid of any active positive effects so lich zombie adren stuff like that.
  7. Its clear the reported player killed the victim at the start for no reason and will be punished with 1 day ban for purp rdm
  8. Reported player has responded and has no defense to the victims claim
  9. Reported player has been contacted via discord and has 24 hours to respond
  10. the reported player has failed to add me on steam and the punishment will be decided with out their side. The result is 1 slay as they are new to the server.
  11. the reported player has been added on steam and has 24 hours to accept or the result will be chosen with out the players defense.
  12. lower pk mag , m to base being 800 your making a huge deal because your bad at fighting against pks
  13. Stalker is meant to be played skillfully low health puts you on the edge if you don’t wanna play a game we’re you tell the boss stop hiding this event I wouldn’t recommend buffing it won’t change anything you would still get shredded my infra red talent. This boss game is just for a different taste.
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