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  1. The boss camping is the only way for the boss to win, it is also pretty easy to win as a non-boss if you coordinate.
  2. This would seem poggers, there should be a normal Model 1887 too. However it is indeed hard to implement without a model for the weapon, but I am sure someone has made one out there, only takes a bit of fishin
  3. True I have checked the new items chat and I noticed they are down in the dumps. I know it seems like the 1% are complaining rn, but I gotta get my cosmics.
  4. Man hacks don’t warrant a big enough problem to add a Detective item to counter them. For testing, just be big brained and sneak in a test while they’re opening a door, using your health station. Maybe a cheeky threatening could work too.
  5. I agree with the fact that M16s are not bad as I have said in the original post, however, I do believe they are just a normal M16 rn statwise. Most M16s stay around the RPM of 440-480. M16 Lovers are in this same range too, comparedly to the MAC10 lovers which has around a 1.5x mulitplier on its RPM as compared to a normal MAC10. Now I am not saying we should 1.5x multiply it, but I am saying maybe slightly boost the RPM to have it actually be a "lover" that can be comparable to others.
  6. These three guns are guns that I personally feel require an overhaul in their stats to make them worthwhile. --- Rifle Lovers : They have similar damage to a SG550 Lovers, meaning that both would be able to effectively two tap an individual if good enough. Yet the SG550 has a much higher firerate, the difference being about 100 in RPM. I feel that the rifle lovers should have either Increased Damage or Increased Effective Range to make it more usable, personally I lean towards the increased range. M16 Lovers : These guns are technically not "bad" in any shape or form, they are just mediocre as they have the same stats as a normal M16 would. RPM being identical and damage only being slightly higher than some M16s and similar to others. I believe a Increased RPM would do it well or maybe possibly a slight boost in Increased Damage. Shotgun Lovers : Shotguns in general are close-range weapons with semi-low RPM, to use them effectively you need to be able to get close to the enemy and shoot them, to do this you need good negative weight. This is not possible with shotgun lovers which has a (+35 to +15) weight stats. Now people will use the reasoning that "you can just switch on and switch off", but doing this in the middle of a firefight where you are incredibly slow makes you an easy target to kill. Against spray weapons where you have a range and RPM advantages, weight is the only thing that can counter that for the shotgun. Decreased Weight is what I want for these guns, moving it to the same as other lovers at the (-4 to +4) or maybe even lower at (-1 to -10). --- If you have other thoughts leave them in the comments.
  7. Shotguns in general are already underpowered, adding another debuff only makes it worse. Easily overpowered by other weapons via range and rpm. Two things make a shotgun good, its dmg and if it has good weight.
  8. For the shotgun lovers, the weight of the guns make it truly horrible and ineffective in use. Shotguns rely on getting close to the person, more so than the other lovers and the weight being (35-15%) is a truly disability. I feel as if the shotgun lovers should also stick to the rules of (4 to -4) for the weight stat or possibly even have more weight negation than the other lovers.
  9. Now that someone decided to bring back the “airborne assassin”, which in my opinion is an absolute horror to do, we should bring back the jump daily, where you have to jump a certain amount of times without auto bunny hop enabled
  10. I feel like the whole justification for making alpha crates worth more was because rapids were good, but now they’re shit. #GiveMeBackMyAlphas
  11. Planetary Model, with small hitbox. That will be the yoda skin
  12. There can be layer upon layer of guidelines that can be made to prevent situations like that, I personally, have made such a system work.
  13. Plot Twist, Moat is Jerry. I still think however, you should adopt a system of “Council”, whereby staff members can work their way up to the rank of Council at which point they’ll be able to work on community wide topics, rather than having one community lead doing everything and making all the decisions. It is better if members who have worked hard for the server and play on the server, will eventually have the power to make change happen. There can be multiple council members and this can be good as votes can be held on major decisions, to make sure there will never be a really stupid idea enacted.
  14. I know, thats why i said we should create those mutators