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  1. Literally complaining Andies, I made the original wipe post so let me spray a bit of wisdom. The main reason myself and a lot of others wanted a wipe was due to the insanely OP Glitched Weapons/Specials that ruined the gameplay, making it truly unplayable. Rollback, everything is still playable, some items are ♥♥♥♥♥♥ for the worse, some got random cosmic or planetary cosmetics. I personally still lost a majority of my Valentine’s weapons, my main gun and a planetary, didn’t gain ♥♥♥♥, but this is still a ♥♥♥♥ of a lot better than a wipe. so what if some people made a mil or few from this glitch? Have two medicalities on one gun? Does it warrant a wipe? ♥♥♥♥ no. The economy isn’t really affected, some players just got lucky over others and got more benefits from the initial glitch than others. Deal with the situation given to you, make the best of it
  2. DiscardPixel


    I mean if you think there’s not enough staff, you could always apply to help out. Also I do believe that requirements need to be less ”strict” for the AU time zones because it’s understaffed and most people don’t bother calling staff and just opt to vote kick during those times.
  3. M14A1 have you heard of it? The Camoldaci maybe? its a weapon that easily slips under our radar, most of you just remember it as something you used once upon a time in those early days, being underpowered, the useless and ineffective cousin of the MSBS. Why a buff? The default stats of a M14A1 are: The default stats of a MSBS are: DMG: 29 ( HS Multipler : x4 ) < DMG: 40 ( HS Multipler : x3 ) RPM: 254 < RPM: 270 AMMO: 20 = AMMO: 20 Lower Accuracy < Marginally Greater Accuracy Lower Kick > Slightly Greater Kick Lower Range < Incredibly Greater Range I compared these two guns because they are most alike to one another and from the comparison it is very clear that M14A1 truly is a horrible gun over all, making it obvious that a BUFF is needed, that much is unarguable How much of a buff/nerf? DMG: 29 to 45 HS Multiplier: x4 to x3 RPM: 254 to 200 AMMO: 20 to 18 Accuracy: Greatly Increase (Higher than MSBS) Kick: Greatly Increase (Slightly Higher than MSBS) Range: Greatly Increase (Higher than MSBS) The reason for the changes that I have made is that, for me the M14A1 looks like a weapon that is more akin to a bolt-action rifle than a semi-auto rifle. Which is why DMG is greatly increased as well as the accuracy and range. However, to balance these buffs, there must also be nerfs which come in the form of a nerf to the HS Multiplier, RPM, AMMO as well as the kick. Turning the M14A1 into a Bolt-Action/Semi-Auto Hybrid of sorts. ------------------- Leave your opinions down below. This is susceptible to changes
  4. This is Gambling Addict's Anonymous
  5. If there was another fix and cole was competent and could do it, it would have been done. But the fact that he remains quiet on it and also adds other new things to the “doing” section of the to do list, justifiably shows that, yes. This man either, has no idea how to fix it or there is no way to fix it
  6. People are in denial and don’t realise that the only way to fix this is to wipe. The guns can’t get reverted because there is no real database backup, ensuring force reroll on every gun is also impossible to keep track of. Deleting all the glitched guns is basically the equivalent of a wipe for some people because some people have their entire inventories glitched. The best and only solution is to perform a full wipe, compensation or not.
  7. This seems to be a better and better idea eh?
  8. No way to ensure every single glitched gun is rerolled, too many
  9. New Votekick option : Glitched Weapon User
  10. JPH, no disrespect to him, has no knowledge about the situation or what will happen, moat doesn't tell anyone what is happening, not even staff. Another big problem. (Its not staff's fault, to make this clear)
  11. Lmao, the owner is the type of person that doesn't know that making backups is common sense. This server is very possibly his only source of income. When asked about all the glitches in-game or via discord, he either gives an answer that implies he doesn't care or he just doesn't acknowledge them. The server lost its most competent coder a while ago.
  12. I would be the richest person on the server, I agree with this idea
  13. I have made a lot of money during this period and I made the initial post of the about the possibility of a wipe. There are people richer than me who also want the wipe because broken guns just don't make the gun fun anymore. The grind you talked about, I love that, the only way I obtained my guns was from crates and hard work, but when there are weapons in circulation that are impossible to obtain, 1000x better than a normally obtained gun ruins everything. I wish there was another way to fix this problem and there should not have been such a situation again, but unfortunately management doesn't keep backups. Hopefully they learn this time
  14. DiscardPixel

    What Now ?

    Now that the server is broke, even worse this time with the second glitch, there is a certain word looming around in the community. WIPE I know staff says that there will be no wipe, but at this point nothing can be certain, especially with weapons with stats way over what they can normally be and thousands of glitched in planetaries and cosmics in circulation. One can only wonder, what now? There has still been no official statement on issue and what is planned on being done, so I am asking, the management what will happen? a full wipe? a somehow magical reversion of weapons? a semi-wipe of broken weapons? The community as a whole is in the dark and we should at least know what the future will entail.
  15. DiscardPixel DiscardPixel#9016 I am the proud collector of many guns and if I do come into possession of your guns they will be kept, cleaned, kissed and generally taken care of. I do not sell stoof
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