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  1. you already have a cosmic, there are many other players that need the ic more than you
  2. I love chess!, thx for the event, i will be there.
  3. dont worry, i already made a post on it a while back
  4. Armor Piercing is very underwhelming, and people always complain about HB users, it seems like they would be in the same grouping. Here is how it works If a HB user gets shot with this weapon then their max health will be removed by #-##.If the HB user health is under 100 then nothing happens Or If a HB user gets shot with this weapon then there is a ## chance their max health will be removed by #-##. Why even argue about HB anyways it's in the game for people that need the help
  5. +1, i always wanted something like this, but i couldn't word it in a way that makes it not too op
  6. People would have a better reason of tryharding.
  7. 250 I don't really know you but i have seen you on multiple servers, you seem like a really chill guy thesavage_toilet#3705
  8. i personally like the idea, but it is most likely it is not going to be put in the game
  9. +1 its just like the tf2 one
  10. In-Game Name of Offender rena Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:❤❤❤❤❤❤XX) STEAM_0:1:53983636 Date of Incident 05/23/2020 Report Type Scams, fraud, or illicit activity Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: Your Discord ID thesavage_toilet #3705 Description I knew Rena for a while now, she was my price checker and a friend i trusted. Shes been offline for a while. Yesterday i realized that she has been scamming me and abusing me for a long time now. Sean helped me come to the realization. I don't want her banned unless she don't give me my stuff back. She scammed me twice. The date is set for the first scam (Redneck peacekeeper). The second scam was at 10/06/2020 (american m16). I just want my stuff back and she can have hers back. Evidence @renaa_-_Discord_2020-06-26_10-03-50.mp4 Attachments
  11. very chill person, seen him on moat a while ago
  12. you don't need to have vip to be socially accepted, it really doesn't help much. you just need a cosmic and not be a sqeaker, because being a sqeaker is bad apparently
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