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  1. Your Discord Name: Crazymetdude47#2764 Staff Member That Banned You: Motato Ban Reason: Chat Spam in General Chat What Happened: While everyone in general chat was mass spamming in general chat because of Meepen getting banned, I joined in and started spamming, "does anyone know where I can get a decent hamburger around here?" and then after a couple of times, I was banned from Moat Discord. I regret what I did because I should not have joined in for the fun, which was not funny at all. Did you break any rules?: Yes Witnesses: Sans17 NoFace crossboy Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  2. Sorry, I mean about in-game items– - Crazymetdude47 :^)
  3. @Acquainted Honestly if 13 year olds are capable enough to send money through any service or donate any amount of money - they should be capable of knowing what they are donating for - saying that they are being taken advantage is untrue, as many of these kiddos know what and why they are donating for.
  4. Hope all the drama is dealt with and we all go back to playing TTT again - so far the gameplay the experience has been great, especially with the addition of several maps that were added to the servers– my question would be: Would you consider expanding with other "brands/brand name" companies that you can incorporate items with? I think it would be beneficial for all parties involved, and I'm sure others would be interested with accessories, especially branded gear - or even adding another accessory slot to the equipped inventory, to add more to our outfits and show off our looks! - Crazymetdude47 :^)
  5. MUST HAVE IN GAME RIGHT NOW... DO IT NOW RIGHT NOW! + 11111111111111111 - Crazymetdude47
  6. Hola, Yes, it is I - I thought it would be a crazy idea (pun intended) to have one server where the map rotation would consist of favorable maps that the community enjoys to play. Maybe 5-7 maps that are the most popular and have them rotate either by RTV, round or time. If you ever played MW3, they implemented this type of game mode where only the "fan favorite" maps would rotate. Personally I enjoy playing on such a small amount of maps, that I think it would bring more activity to the server - and maybe this server can have a higher limit of the amount of people that can be in one server (unless its risky). So yeah there's my crazy idea, maybe its good, maybe its not 🙂 Thanks- Crazymetdude47.
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