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  1. I mean it would probably range from being a little better than medicality to being even worse than medicality and medicality isn't even noticeable in fights. Most fights last like less than 3 secs and even long range fights don't typically last more than 15 secs. You're literally gambling that you will be getting slightly higher hp over time versus taking damage from drowning. It all comes down to percents.
  2. Yeah it does sound kind of useless, but there's more useless power ups and talents already in the game. Underwater can be pretty powerful I imagine on maps like waterworld that can be good distance maps. I think this could be really good on maps with a lot of water if the negate percent and regen amount is high enough, but also not high enough to the point where people are using it purely as health regen. Just requires a bit a testing to find that sweet spot between decent and really good.
  3. Aquatic - 45%-75% chance to negate drown tick damage and regen 1-4 health. They will probably have to make the mechanic it so it regens the amount of health lost from drowning tick damage to nullify it instead of using invulnerability since I'm assuming it would be impossible to predict when to make you invulnerable. Example Player Health = 77 Drown Damage = 10 Drowning rolls the dice (Player Health = 67) and the roll is a success Player Health = (Player Health + Drown Damage) + 2 Player Health = 79 One the reasons I decided on the regen factor is because coding it this way without regen you would lose out in the long run because if drown damage is 10 and player health is 4 you automatically die before regening. This gives a little more to the player and also makes it more appealing versus only negating. I don't know the actual numbers in game so the actual percent and regen can be changed later after testing, but that seems reasonable.
  4. A collection of all the current maps from Moat you can get on Steam. To add a collection just go to the link and click "Subscribe to all". All Maps 12.4gb Popular Maps 3.03gb Criteria for Popular Maps: Normal maps with a rating of 68% or higher MC maps with a rating of 60% or higher Specific maps that are picked regularly Specialized maps that may have a low rating, but are better with a low amount of players (airbus, submarine, etc.) If you see something missing just post here. All maps added are based on a list I had a couple weeks ago so there might be a couple new maps on the server.
  5. +1 There have been several gamblers that have quit because they got cleaned since they can't stop gambling. Too add to this I'd like an option of a max bet that you can't go over that isn't apart of the gambling ban system idea. For example max bet set at 2k and you won't be able to bet past 2k unless you disable it. Make it so when you disable it or increase the max betting amount, it takes it a couple hours to actually take effect.
  6. In-Game Name of Offender: ComeHonorBut SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:0:96232920 Which server was this on?: TTT #12 Date of Incident: 05/27/2019 Report Reason: Rdm and Leave What Happened: Round started and he just randomly killed me and left the game. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Zero Crusty Moist Camp Evidence: Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  7. bind kp_multiply "stop;gm_demo_icon 0;record tempServerRecording; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo Recording started! ; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------" bind kp_minus "stop; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo Recording stopped! ; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------; echo ----------------------------------------" bind pgup "stop;playdemo tempServerRecording" bind home "demoui2" *It's important to note that this bind method only lets you store one video at a time. This is mainly to be used every map as a temporary demo file to view back if something happens in the server you have to report. If you want to save your file you recorded for later, press keypad minus to stop the recording then you can go to your Garry's Mod directory and search "*.dem" to look for the "tempServerRecording" demo file to rename it to something else to view it later like "MassRDM". Later you can load the demo file to record it into a video file by typing "playdemo MassRDM" in console.
  8. I'll buy out your 73% Exp Lover. I don't have one of those yet.
  9. In-Game Name of Offender: another perm ban SteamID of Offender: STEAM_0:1:87931535 Which server was this on?: TTT Minecraft #3 Date of Incident: 05/12/2019 Report Reason: Hateful conduct What Happened: Called me out in chat with transphobic remarks. I wasn't even talking when I was playing. Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?: No Witnesses: Evidence: Witnesses: # 3809 "Chloe “Hella” Price moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:113255695 13:16 210 0 active # 3731 "another perm ban" STEAM_0:1:87931535 49:12 223 0 active # 3734 "Thatonekid moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:426711373 46:34 83 0 active # 3752 "_Ghost_1337" STEAM_0:0:121541536 37:38 99 0 active # 3784 "XelaDelays-Senpai" STEAM_0:1:102499240 24:07 95 0 active # 3617 "Scrub Lord moat.gg" STEAM_0:1:39980599 1:33:20 100 0 active # 3666 "Cokiescookie" STEAM_0:0:490670504 1:20:46 111 0 active # 3740 "The Suess" STEAM_0:1:49799454 41:07 95 0 active # 3661 "PlumbusFungus(moat.gg)" STEAM_0:1:192827611 1:22:05 135 0 active # 3761 "SeveN" STEAM_0:0:68879797 35:26 88 0 active # 3592 "Noob Eater" STEAM_0:0:41011395 1:53:54 88 0 active # 3669 "Senpai Waifu moat.gg Sir Butt" STEAM_0:1:39229790 1:20:37 146 0 active # 3786 "Malk" STEAM_0:1:36054686 23:52 112 0 active # 3815 "Gon Freecss" STEAM_0:0:75234557 06:17 109 0 active # 3626 "the guy with a really long name" STEAM_0:1:71626233 1:32:05 146 0 active # 3538 "One_Creeper Moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:102115244 2:13:20 106 0 active # 3827 "Mawsky" STEAM_0:0:49138611 04:12 183 0 active # 3830 "KaynMayn11" STEAM_0:1:234060588 03:53 101 0 active # 3520 "Jax (moat.gg)" STEAM_0:0:136259218 2:18:03 118 0 active # 3755 "Chloe Moore" STEAM_0:1:81177720 37:07 108 0 active # 3629 "TheGameCake moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:69001041 1:32:01 96 0 active # 3833 "50000voltstodanips" STEAM_0:1:101901051 03:07 112 0 active # 3749 "K3NJ1 [moat.gg]" STEAM_0:0:155753578 39:01 215 0 active # 3767 "RennegadeX | Moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:49320378 31:46 102 0 active # 3634 "<UNION> bellboy" STEAM_0:1:33290265 1:31:35 67 0 active # 3778 "AlOx moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:146644301 27:18 206 0 active # 3770 "Françoise Appledelhi moat.gg" STEAM_0:0:28467572 31:07 81 0 active # 3806 "Stoned moat.gg Sir. Nut" STEAM_0:0:22257803 14:39 120 0 active Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?: Yes
  10. Your In-Game Name: Chloe Moore Your Steam ID: 76561198122621169 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #4 Staff Member that Banned You: Console Ban Reason: Cheating Ban Length: Perm Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: I joined the game and got banned instantly after getting out of spectator. Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
  11. I would imagine it would be possible to change the chance of the assassin talent working to 0% if not a traitor after the round starts.
  12. Yeah I think the best solution would be to have it make the bodies disappear silently when you play T and make the talent not do anything while inno/detective.
  13. VC battery should only be enabled if there's like 12+ people in the server in my opinion. It's main use is normally only effective if the server is nearly full; otherwise, it's really a pain to deal with. In smaller populated servers people talk slower and use more battery because it's often an odd time to be playing like the middle of the night plus there's less people talking in the server total.
  14. I don't know how it is with anyone else currently, but for me personally I don't go for any of the high tier dailies. They just take too much time and effort. Unless you really have top tier gear I don't think the highest rewards are worth it. If most are just going to farm 3rd and 2nd dailies until the next day, the tier system doesn't really make much sense. Just make all dailies realistically the same amount of effort for roughly the same rewards. At least it will bring some variety to the server instead of feeling like having to do the same 4 dailies everyday.
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