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  1. No, there's another player named Death. They're not even a Trial staff. They're level 17, actually quite new still. Actually mispelled his name D34TH
  2. Please yes. We could finally report reptno, Death, and several other staff, and players overall for constantly pushing players off (Even though we don't die, the push damage could be seen) during Contagion, whenever we're near ledges or higher up areas of the map. Though most of the time in Stalker, some of us would be in high areas and players with lightsabers (Like Death, Reptno, that troonic uses metagaming techniques to push players off without using a lightsaber, elmo for metagaming with reptno) can push players off the ledges to save themselves for the ascended drop. Quite irritating to see Trial staff implementing the exact thing above just to get first place during Contagion, Stalker, and two other events that allow this.
  3. If you're eastern timezone, it's just 10:30pm - Others I've heard it was 11PM/1AM/10PM
  4. please yes. it's like a new big bertha awp. We need this. Better for springfield. an alternative. an op weapon. battlefield. call of duty. warzone. ghosts. vegas rainbow six.
  5. I can't even put in "title" "Vapers" "Selling this vape" "Selling a Vape" "green" "Space" There is a couple of players named space, and we cannot kos their names only by traitor radio, that's it.
  6. What if the player doesn't want to do what you placed down, what if They want to Pay to play while you're off on your buttocks wasting their time with grinding for their boons of rewards? At least that's how I thought I'd interpret his post. Eh, Jerry seems to say there's an issue with donation, you may have to wait a few bits until you can use sms/website donations. But you might have to grind with chicken hawk's suggestion above.
  7. That would ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ epic if only you could lower the level requirement to at least 30. 50 seems too high, there aren't that many 50+ that would want to rustle your jimmies. But yes, a level requirement for votekicking would be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ fantastic.
  8. If we can get a wipe, and possible to grind back to our levels again I'll play it. But since the exploits I've not been playing either. I was going to get on in a few hours hopefully get myself to level 70, but if not, I've got wally world shifts coming in tomorrow to tuesday due to cov-19 virus hitting us in the east coast, badly.
  9. You're not the first, nor the last, but there's at least 8+ threads with spectator deathmatch in the archives. Most of them have 1 upvote and negative downvotes, and one comment vs zero comments. I don't think there will ever be a specDm implemented, if you're tired of waiting for rounds to end, hold shift + tab and open the experimental silk browser and watch youtube, read global news, or play hackedgames interactively. Or just Shift+~ for Discord, chat with others while you're dead and waiting for the next round. Go Alt tab, do something productive or just chill while you're dead.
  10. Wipe the universe dang server already, you dang noodlehead. It seems there's no secondary backup, just erase it. Or soon your income will be obselete. I'm sure donators will come though and give small to below average donations for servers, but that's it. Everyone will eventually move to another community since you fired most of the devs' and you cannot justify why everyone is not playing anymore. @cole Stahp changing your name constantly. I'm sure everyone will continue to play though. At least give a dang to what happens to your community.
  11. Wipe, Compensate SC, Let's get this ♥♥♥♥♥ over with. Doubt it. Might be seeing a wipe in april.
  12. In-Game Name of Offender HYP3R_YT moat.gg Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:0:528631581 Date of Incident 03/21/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description HYP3R threw a dynamite into a group of afks on the map Mc_Minecraftmotel_b2, He killed 3 players, Myself and another player were in the radius, if we were more near the afks, would have been worse. Damaged 2 others, killed 3. He left immediately. Evidence Attachments
  13. explosive chickens IGN: acno moat.gg Discord: redirectme#2645
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