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  1. Seems we've got a winner. Congrats to @Isaac. Just lemme know wen you're ready and I'll join a server if its populated and give your prize
  2. I have decided to downgrade the time limit to two days. In the next two days, one winner shall be chosen. I've just bought the empty package from ic during dailies. The item has been placed directly into the gift package. It is now ready for the winner in 48 hours. Gl to all who has already opted in. a spinning wheel shall predict the victor.
  3. One winner shall receive an item within an empty gift box. It could and can be anything. It could be a op summer planetary or a bad high end. It's everything. 😆 please post below if want in. Winner shall be drawn within the week.
  4. gotta hold still when you're attempting to use the binoculars, because if the corpse is liquid, you'll have half a second before you have to attempt again. It'll roughly take 3-5 seconds to identify the corpse. It's mainly a pain to stand still while zooming in to ID those corpses that are either in a trap via motel, or in the lava via haven which the corpse would be floating and unable to grasp any straws by using binoculars. By then once you've uncovered the cause of death, you're either dead or game end. No one to defend you while you're uncovering unids left behind.
  5. It'd be great to see the benelli in a new way honestly. +1
  6. Can you tell me what the talent swift does in retrospect? I've not had the pleasure of unlocking the talent on any weapon because from what I've heard that it's quite tasteless.
  7. No, there's another player named Death. They're not even a Trial staff. They're level 17, actually quite new still. Actually mispelled his name D34TH
  8. Please yes. We could finally report reptno, Death, and several other staff, and players overall for constantly pushing players off (Even though we don't die, the push damage could be seen) during Contagion, whenever we're near ledges or higher up areas of the map. Though most of the time in Stalker, some of us would be in high areas and players with lightsabers (Like Death, Reptno, that troonic uses metagaming techniques to push players off without using a lightsaber, elmo for metagaming with reptno) can push players off the ledges to save themselves for the ascended drop. Quite irritating to see Trial staff implementing the exact thing above just to get first place during Contagion, Stalker, and two other events that allow this.
  9. If you're eastern timezone, it's just 10:30pm - Others I've heard it was 11PM/1AM/10PM
  10. please yes. it's like a new big bertha awp. We need this. Better for springfield. an alternative. an op weapon. battlefield. call of duty. warzone. ghosts. vegas rainbow six.
  11. I can't even put in "title" "Vapers" "Selling this vape" "Selling a Vape" "green" "Space" There is a couple of players named space, and we cannot kos their names only by traitor radio, that's it.
  12. What if the player doesn't want to do what you placed down, what if They want to Pay to play while you're off on your buttocks wasting their time with grinding for their boons of rewards? At least that's how I thought I'd interpret his post. Eh, Jerry seems to say there's an issue with donation, you may have to wait a few bits until you can use sms/website donations. But you might have to grind with chicken hawk's suggestion above.
  13. That would ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ epic if only you could lower the level requirement to at least 30. 50 seems too high, there aren't that many 50+ that would want to rustle your jimmies. But yes, a level requirement for votekicking would be ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ fantastic.
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