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  1. @Debbie I I know, but since there are bows, why not. Moreover, he is not there yet, and if he is your first planetary weapon, you can always sell it
  2. I think that I am not the first to ask for the addition of a planetary bow, and probably not the last. And still I have an idea for a planetary bow, what stats it should have and how to look. I'll start with statistics. There will be no more damage than a bow 'The hand' About 115 base dmg . As for RPM, I don’t know why it is needed on bows, so this is at your discretion. The clip will hold approximately 12 arrows. As for the rest of the bow statistics, for example, charging speed. This is at your discretion, of course it is clear that it will be better than that of the prominent. And of course, how to do without a name for the bow. I asked several people about everyday life and that's what I have: Energybow, The Light, Daydreams, Dreamseer, Daydreams of the Fallen Angel.
  3. Nessa

    Weapon ideas

    damage—10-20 rate of fire— 150-170 Mag— 20-25 If you don’t like something in the weapon settings, change it as you need.
  4. Nessa

    New weapon

    Pls can we have sniper rifle from Ut3. stock stats: Dmg: 48 Rpm: 213 Mag: 7-11
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