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  1. i dont see how its gonna be fixing the eco. you will be dropping trash guns that you won't be able to reroll unless its planetary mutators which are going to sky rocket in price making them not worth using on those extincts. The decon value of extincts is also not really existant as its only 7500 VS getting i.e a cosmic would get you up to 75k and a mutator. Making all of them extincts will only reduce the point to climb the battle pass system as it's going to be heavily reliant on RNG. If you get bad rng= 7500 decon VS if you get good rng 1mil+
  2. you ever seen a guy door block tester on dolls even through warnings with no staff on? That's how you kill him. -1. Proximity needs to stay as it is.
  3. xHp

    Suggestion bank

    a bank with an interest percentage could be nice. You send X amount to the bank for Z amount of days and you get Y. Ie: you send 1mil for 7days, you get back 1.05M 7days later. Just like IRL, the more you send, the bigger the interest becomes.
  4. why not? the map dev allowed it to be used that way. blink is supposed to be a tool to allow you to get to places you would not be able to on your own
  5. Not playing the game the way it is meant to be played in order to complete an alternate objective. doesn't fit the description to me. You are playing the game in order to complete your main objective the way you are supposed to do it. As a T, any ways are good to kill a inno. -False KOS -1 tapping them, -pushing them off a ledge using what's available into your tool shop is no exception.
  6. I don't see why you would not be able to blink there if the map designer allowed it. just like you are able to blink out of the t room into the toilet on that map. I went back to the guidelines to make sure and : Invisible textures are visible or user is clearly outside of the map. you are not out of the map by blinking up using a role tool
  7. as stated by @Sky , you can blink up the hole (which is allowed. there's no barrier preventing you to go from under) you are adding conditionals to a problem that's actually not a problem @Erion Invisus
  8. you can solve this by blowing them up with a proximity mine. the role of detective and innocent is to survive. They are allowed to delay. traitors are not allowed to delay as they are ghosting the purpose of their role : Murder everybody.
  9. IGN: xHP Discord :Hp#0430 best of lucks in what ever you decide to do after moat.
  10. So today I woke up to some of these changes and after experiencing it I completely agree with this above from @Zenotix . People are constantly T baiting. There's AT LEAST an rdm every round for the straight 20 rounds I just played. I feel this should be added but maybe on a server of their own i.e: TTC (see below I added some though instead of giving a single server*) This will keep the regular normal servers players their usual stuff without the hassle of getting rdmed out of suspicion / confusion around the new rules every once in a while. At the whole end, this will save both the players from frustration and the staff to handle much more reports for just confused players with the new roles which doesn't change any rules sadly. What I expect to happen is an increase in the amounts of : -slays (RDM of suspicion) -bans for rdm, T baiting, ghosting - meta-gaming(giving your irl buddy t rounds (purp killing them to revive em as a T)) -frustrated players who usually tends to insult each other over V/c which is not fun for anybody listening *Maybe if 1 server isn't enough for the people who wants to play with those changes, split the server amount in half. We currently have so many servers which are either empty or have a small player pool at all time of everyday. This could be a nice agreement for the people who are genuinely not interested in those changes vs those who wants to play on TTC but can't since its mostly always full on peak times
  11. @cole its cool that you guys give back the inventories... before quitting i deconned my whole inventory tho and i didn't get my ic back and apparently i won't. I feel this is unfair for the people who had legit ic that didn't came from the bug. It's like saying you are returning the wallet but without the money into it. People who collected items rather than ic gets some sort of privilege here over the people who had ic.
  12. This needs to be closed. I bought the gun i was looking for.
  13. WTB -- 3.2mil pure / 3.8m mixed budget good planetary assault rifles good planetary grade assault rifles(4 perks cosmic) 3tap peacekeeeper (requires good other talents than just focus) 3tap beastmode (requires good other talents than just focus) Includes but not limited : Sterling, famas, warriochi ,ak47, bm, pk, Aug, M16,M8A1 dm me what you got on discord Hp#0430
  14. Your Name: Barbarian Your Steam ID: 76561198034225555 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #5 Staff Member that Banned You: JunktioSumo Ban Reason: Purp RDM Ban Length: 1 day Did you break any rules?: Yes What Happened: 2 or 3 Round Prior to the offense the player that i have purposely RDM'ed had RDM'ed me on purpose also. Seing that the staff online didn't give a ♥♥♥♥ about it, decided that the guy was due for some Karma too. So I did the exact same thing he stated to me : I Alive-checked people using the chat , nobody answered so I killed him. The staff didn't give him anything while I got a full 1 day ban for the same offense. I proceeded to try and talk to the Trial moderator on discord , he ignored me statting the other guy got a slay. So here's the facts : We both Purposely RDM I got a 24hour ban the other guy got a slay. this sounds/looks like favoritism. https://imgur.com/a/RQqgLvi Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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