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  1. Just messing around with my friends and not mass rdming
  2. No I jump crouch all the time
  3. 274 I already won just give it to me
  4. +1 the bdf should have this or a slightly sped up draw animation
  5. Yea I dont have too much luck with crates so I usually just buy guns off people
  6. Planetary drops are extremely rare and I still haven't gotten one with 50 days of playtime. As for the rollback and glitch I did lose some items including a g o d sg. I just hope I could get these back
  7. 55 my discord is Weebisasadcat#0529
  8. This will make guns more broken than it already is. Imagine a pk with perfect focus/trig or vamp/sus/zombie.
  9. Nerf rpm and make them regular highends since I'm pretty sure they are the only lovers with an upgraded tier. Correct me if I'm wrong
  10. Factual Post I only deal 8 Damage when they start doing this and lose some fights against this
  11. Hey its soulja I dont want to participate in this giveaway but I hope to see you soon
  12. ign:obaam Discord:SouljaPods#1746 Pre wipe you would always destroy me and other innos. I took a break for like a year and got back after wipe. Honestly hope to see you again.
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