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  1. The reported player has been contacted via Discord. The player will have 24 hours to respond to this report. Failure to do so will result in a verdict without his defense statement.
  2. The reported player has been contacted via Steam. He will have 24 Hours to respond to this report. Failure to do so will result in a verdict without the reported player's defense.
  3. +1 Yes! I really love this idea! I think this would give players incentive to level up and use guns that players would normally just deconstruct for pocket change IC. I do think that because players obtain crates when you level guns up, it will be a problem, but the general idea is a great one
  4. you know the main reason they wipe Rust servers regularly is because all the player built structures and items lag the server. In all honesty, I dont think regular wiping is a good thing at all. Players wont be rewarded in anyway for staying with the server for a long time, so i think Moat will lose a good chunk of their player base periodically. In general, i dont think this is a good idea
  5. Papa Bear


    Yeah... Unfortunately, for staff members such as myself, I have a full time job where I work every weekday. So my playtime is limited to just 2 days a week, and on rare occasions during the weekday. But for the times that I do get on, I do tend to hop from one server to another, staying for like 1 or 2 rounds, mostly because theres so many pings for staff and not alot of response. And in most cases, I can't even play the game anymore because there are so many reports, so I end up just staying in spectator mode just to handle reports. So I can understand where the frustration lies and I do agree that the staffing response is a bit too low and I do kind of wish it would be more active, but seeing how this is a volunteer work, theres not much initiative because its not like staff gets paid or anything
  6. well i mean, i havnt donated at all post wipe, and this entire time, i got everything without donating at all 😐 And i understand what you mean, but what can you expect, people who pay money gets an advantage. Its the way moat.gg system is set up. Thats a topic for another time though.
  7. But that disadvantage is with RNG, thats not a disadvantage that the server gave them 😕 like i mentioned before : "Yeah, I'm aware wiping isn't really fair start cause some people donated and other people didn't but still, I think that is better then the alternative cause at least people with SC will still get affected by RNG with crates and not a bug created by the server" there are players who dropped cosmics, but then there are even MORE players who didn't (Me 😐 all i dropped was 2 ascendeds out of all my crates from the SC Comp. Keep in mind, i donated over $10k) Disadvantages from RNG is more palatable because people can't blame it on anyone really and they have choice whether to open crates or not. Disadvantage from a server bug results in a much more intense response because they have a person to blame for the disadvantage and also was a disadvantage that was out of players hands.
  8. False, wipe will be the hardest solution, not the easiest. But I can't disagree with optimism xD
  9. In all honesty, I think the community has been patient enough 😕 but going back to what you said, the " issue and most can actually play and use their inventories again people still demand a wipe" that most is the issue. What about the players who CAN'T actually play because their items are gone or switched? What good is the community if a part of the community has to play at a disadvantage? People did acknowledge that the gamebreaking guns were fixed, and are thankful. However, it still doesnt fix the majority of the problem. If there was good communication between the players and cole and jerry, this post wouldn't be up in the first place 😕
  10. Also, lets not put each other down guys. No need to insult other people or anything. Lets have an adult conversation about this
  11. I get where your coming from, but All of these bugs SHOULD be fixed : Items that people spent millions of IC and months to reroll have gotten switched to something worse. Error items, for some players, were also really good guns, powerups, models, etc. How would cole and jerry reimburse them for that if they dont have proof they owned the gun or item at one point? or is it just gone now cause bad luck for them? Messed up talents, yeah they can re-roll but I would be losing a near perfect snowball proc and near perfect dmg. How is that fair to not just me but all other players who spent lots of IC to reroll their guns No, the bug is setting alot of other players back for no reason. Why should people who got their inventory bugged in a negative way be "set back"? It doesn't just affect trading (which it does in a huge way) but innocent players are getting the short end of the stick for no reason. The idea of wiping isn't just because people got free items, just making sure you understand that Its like i stated before, think about the community as a whole. At least if the server wipe, everyone will start with a fresh plate and unfortunately bugged players won't be in such a disadvantage. Yeah, I'm aware wiping isn't really fair start cause some people donated and other people didn't but still, I think that is better then the alternative cause at least people with SC will still get affected by RNG with crates and not a bug created by the server
  12. ...but...like you said moat made a script that auto bans them if they have the overmaxed bugged weapon....so...? how is "ppl doing this shit or having broken weapons " not fun if that problems already fixed...?
  13. From the way I see it, the current state of the server has : Items completely changed from one item to another talents missing from regular 3 talent items Many planetaries dropped for many people and sold it, thereby deflating the worth of nearly all Planetary items (skin, model, gun, etc) Some players still have items that are completely bugged and unusable (Items with no description) Players are still missing lots of IC that the first bug caused and many other bugs. Now, in my predicament, I have gotten nothing but extreme profit from this bug. My inventory which was worth around ~7mil in IC changed to nearly 20-30mil. And I have guns I spent countless hours and IC on to perfect the best rolls possible. However, all because I profited and benefitted from the bug doesn't mean the state of the server and community has, and saying that I wouldn't want a wipe would be an extremely selfish choice. I would want nothing more than this whole thing to be fixed without having to wipe, however it doesn't seem to be the case anymore. Yes that recent rollback did fix the EXTREME game breaking state of the server, but thats like essentially putting out a house fire with a cup of water. It did not fix the overall state of the server. Markets are still fucked, players still cant equip certain items, guns are still broken. It would be best for all to wipe as soon as possible.
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