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  1. NAME: birdmanxo Steam id: STEAM_0:0:84934954 Ofennding players steam id: http://steamcommunity.com/id/thebeastgm NAME: birdmanxo Steam id: STEAM_0:0:84934954 So this morning 1/12/18 I joined moat minecraft #2. while I was on this server there was a ton of rdm and even a hacker named bandix once I spectated bandix it was very easy to see he was hacking, unfortunately I have no proof but I do have a witness |Doggo| Chiciboy and lothex and him both have vac bans and are steam friends . So to get what im really reporting about a VIP named Lothex was extremely toxic this whole time not only did he rdm but he supported the hacker bandix and told me to kill my self and I was a ♥♥♥♥♥ when i called that hacker out(he said he was playing with him) . He also rdmed me twice he has been a huge jerk and hes not new he is level 35 I have screen shots of all the rdm he commited against me, he called a vote kick on me for nothing, he calaimed i was rdmed him but rlly he was shooting |Doggo| Chiciboy cause he killed a guy trying to rdm him named "IM SORRY" and he defened IM SORRY when he rdmed and called everyone a ♥♥♥♥♥ for wanting him kicked i would rlly like to tell a admin about all this and give him the screen shots I would strongly suggest taking his vip away cause he was trying to kick me the whole time I have screen shot of that aswell a admin did just come on at 10:23 and he shut up so quick and didn't say another word or rdm. if your a admin plz friend me so i can give you all the screen shots Im birdmanxp. also |Doggo| Chiciboy is a witness please talk to him about this he knows. Thank you for your time
  2. birdmanxp


    Steam id: /76561198130135636/ person who banned me: technically "Grandpa" but "[DG]xXDemonicCrowXx" told him to ban period: 1440 mins ingame name: birdmanxp So i have a situation so i was given 9000 slays by [DG]xXDemonicCrowXx for purp rdm, he said i was gonna be banned and then kicked me, but i really didn't purposefully rdm it was a accident, so what happened is this guy was testing his shot gun spread on a wall by a afk guy so i walk past (when he wasn't shooting the wall) and thought nothing of it but then I hear shooting so i turn around and see him shooting in the direction on the same wall as the afk guy literally about 3 feet from the afk guy, so I flip out and shoot him right in the head with my revolver, so then he reports me cause he and I were innocent and tells [DG]xXDemonicCrowXx that im a troll and I did this on purpose for some reason, then I write in chat "nah i didn't" and then he was like see he doesn't even care just ban him and that's how I got banned, but it honestly wasn't on purpose and this is the only the first or second slay, and only ban Ive ever got on this server. It seemed alot like the guy who reported me and [DG]xXDemonicCrowXx were friends he didn't even ask me about the situation just banned me cause some guy told him to ........ Also this is probably just cause hes a new mod but my good friend spontaneousPIE was wrongfully slayed by [DG]xXDemonicCrowXx cause he didn't check the kill cam just the logs and upon checking the kill cam realized spontaneousPIE was correct after he had already slayed him
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