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  1. Pretty sick idea add this please it be so easy +1
  2. SuperCooperMage < Steam Supercooper#3684 < Discord Love you sammy will miss you always
  3. +1 this would be cool to let innos heal if they dont have a healing weapon
  4. But if the boss had this how would this work?
  5. 4 head i use the gun because it has trig 4head
  6. nonono it doesnt incorrect bad boy
  7. Dude the CF05 (chengfeng) takes way to long to reload its a cool gun to use but takes forever to reload takes like 5 seconds to reload one clip as boss and everyone rushing you its so hard to kill them all at once please make reload faster
  8. maybe.. just maybe but pear does 2 dmg and 3% to proc ಠ_ಠ
  9. +1 i wanna fly with my boston glock
  10. Don't let other peoples opinion on you make you quit, ive seen you in game a few times and you really funny and a ncie guy to play with, you know if i were to guess i have said i were going to quit this game so many times aobut someones opinion and i just game back the next weak, maybe jsut take a short break to let the community die down a bit as the community is really pouring there steam on moat/coal/the community and you are just 1 of the many affected but please dont quit it would make most of the community sad, knowing that level 100+ (reds) may be happy but that is 1/7541+ that have played moat. -SuperCooperMage The Moat.gg Child
  11. Uhh ya its a barret 50. cal planetary meme weapon make it like 1 shot to body have 2 talents but first talent is always penetration ya xDD im tired
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