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  1. Worlds not fair. The entire system the server runs off of is meant to encourage people to play a ton and invest time removing rewards for said system is also discouraging people from following the system in the first place
  2. Evening out the playing field and letting people start from the same place is a great idea. Though this pretty much negates all the work people could have put into the game by collecting really good weapons to use for contracts so I think it's better off having it switch between a normal contract and an opt in contract every time one of them ends.( normal contract use whatever, then the next contract is an opt in contract and everyone has to use a specific weapon if they wish to participate) People love there advantages that's why they play a ton, grind to get a good weapon. Id love there to be none but then you would pretty much turn it into normal ttt and only use ic for very curated and well made cosmetics that don't change much in terms of pvp.
  3. Without it, it is certainly possible to still kill people it's just harder and this talent makes it even harder as you have slower rpm when you are starting the engagement. People might be able to consistently land headshots but in a game like gmod the hitreg, in general, is just too wonky that's why the slower rpm matters because the game won't always register your well-placed shots even if your able to consistently have good aim. The element of surprise is your biggest bonus as a traitor and this talent directly hurts that.
  4. So from what I understand the talent works like so: You start firing the rpm is shit but builds up over time while your firing and resets when you stop. The problem with a talent such as this is as a traitor you have the element of surprise to kill someone, but with this talent, your wasting the element of surprise because the gun you have has even lower starting rpm than it would without the talent therefor you struggle/its harder to actually kill the guy because you first have to build up to your base RPM and the person your trying to kill has more time to react and shoot back at you. If you manage to somehow kill the person you originally targeted and there are more people around (because you intended to use the extra rpm on them) they also had even more time to react to you and most likely are already shooting at you/your already dead. If the time to build up the rpm is too short (under 1 second imo) it'll be barely an issue and you'll just get much more rpm to more easily kill people making it an almost superior trigger finger. The other way the talent could work is it builds up rpm to a set amount over the base amount of rpm the gun has without the talent and it stays like that until the round ends. Which creates other problems because people are able to just shoot in a corner until their rpm has reached the highest possible amount with the talent and they are able to have a big rpm boost for the rest of the round without any risk. In my opinion, the best iteration of this talent would be a base rpm increase every kill by 20-30% and a chance of said increase happening to be 20-40% every kill
  5. Not really I just found them on the workshop and though they could be a fun in-game as they're not just another instakill weapon and have some interesting mechanics.
  6. Wheres the hassle in just making it against the rules. Even if it's not particularly enforced it'll discourage people from using it if others say that it's not allowed. Always could just deal with the simple ones that have no delay by auto banning whoever uses them so the rule is semi-enforced.
  7. Just make auto clickers illegal. Actively saying that they are not allowed will discourage most people from going out of there way to try and see how they work/how good they are.
  8. It looks much darker than the original one. Low light maps are painful to play, harder to see c4s/people.
  9. It'll need more nerfs than that if it stays in the game I posted my version of it in the post above this one. So it'll be an awp that fires faster but is able to kill multiple people when shooting because it explodes wherever it hits? That sounds even worse than the current one as you could kill multiple people with one shot because of the explosion. If it can't oneshot with the explosion sure I'll be happy if the current awp is replaced by it so it'll be able to do aoe damage but not really oneshot people unless they're on low hp.
  10. The silenced AWP already has a relatively distinct noise and an obvious model, sure it could become even more obvious but that won't matter when your able to just kill whoever is near you or go for 2 kills at longer ranges. Getting shot by it or shooting someone with it is just unfun and bad game design as your killing someone instantly without them being able to react or do anything about it. You could say that whoever shot the guy if it were more obvious could be called out, but if it is used you don't do it in the open while multiple people are watching you're running or hiding after shooting someone through a window or from far away so you're pretty much guaranteed to be safe. If people really don't want it removed then remove one of the shots make it only shoot while zoomed in and make it louder and don't let the person switch to another weapon for a second or 2 after shooting. There already is a silenced sniper ascended drop which you can use every round if you have it in your inventory and it can do 50+ damage per hit. Making a traitor weapon which is almost the exact same thing but with less ammo is bad because there still is the awp and other oneshot kill weapons which pretty much guarantee a kill unlike the silenced sniper so it'll be barely used if those are not removed or changed massively. Or it could drop the prices of the ascended sniper and make the people who bought and grinded for it feel like shit because now traitors have their weapon that they worked for every round if they spend a credit, traitor weapons should be exclusive and unique to only them not obtainable by innocents or detectives through trading or crates.
  11. Didn't know about it being removed, now we only have 3 more to remove nice. The whole ''it helps level ones'' is such a dumb argument as there already are plenty of guns that kill on headshot and they will still have the knife. People shouldn't have to result to insta killing bullshit just to win as a traitor. They also have other traitor weapons which give them advantages to help win the round. AWP is just awful design your literally insta killing 2 people at range and they can't do fuck all about it how can anyone be okay with something like that being in the game? I suggested a rework for it above which suits the game better and makes it not completely unfun and frustrating to play against.
  12. Memes are what makes TTT interesting, it's a risk as it could make the round easier or harder for the detective/innocents but it'll make the round more interesting at the same time. Not really much to go on here. Could be that your saying no because it might have performance issues or lag problems, but can't really say for sure until its actually been tested. Remove the AWP until it's reworked (could make it poison the person non lethally so it would take him to 1 hp if he doesn't find a health station). Just because the harpoon is rarely used doesn't mean it doesn't require a nerf or to be removed entirely the only reason why it's rarely used is because there are much better one shot kill weapons currently and when those are removed or changed the usage rate will go up. Yes, it's harder but its still pretty consistent at closer ranges as the projectile speed is quite fast.
  13. One shot kill traitor weapons are badly designed and un-fun for both the traitor and the detective/innocent he's attacking with it. So I suggest removing the harpoon, freeze gun, silenced AWP, and the pigeon. Even if the pigeon supposedly can't oneshot kill someone it still occasionally does and is inconsistent, buggy as hell which I think is grounds for removal not even counting its bad design in terms of gameplay. The knife can stay as its iconic to TTT and is useful if you're against someone much better than you or if someone has a crutch cannon that you wish to take for yourself. 1 weapon that almost guarantees a one hit kill everytime is plenty. So as replacements for these badly designed un-fun weapons I have a few which should make the game more interesting and fun. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=662342819&searchtext=randomat When bought and activated by the detective gives a random effect that impacts all alive players making the round more unique and interesting. Pretty much wacky rounds but manually activated by the detective and actually unique with tons of variants. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810154456 When activated by the traitor upon taking damage it'll make the traitor invisible and drop a fake corpse wherever it's activated. Could allow for mind games and emergent gameplay. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1368780925 Personally haven't tested this one could be buggy as fuck but if not and actually works well, would be very fun with the traitor using it to come up with creative ways to kill someone.
  14. don't think it's worth animating, coding, modeling a whole new weapon (probably pretty mediocre as it would have projectile travel time) just because its a reference to borderlands character. also hearing constant voice lines screamed at me would be annoying as fuck.