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  1. When the feature got added where explosives wouldn't trigger on t buddies, staff discussed the issue and decided you can't kos off of people not dying. This is because the physics in gmod are weird af so sometimes stuff goes apeshit and does things you wouldn't expect. Killing them would be killing off of suspicion
  2. This would help the drop gun selling but still wouldn't do anything to combat more ascendeds flooding people's inventories. The way I see it, you shouldn't get rewarded for getting worns. They're supposed to be garbage for a reason. The decon system itself pretty much is the crafting system except without a guarantee to get good stuff. RNG is fun and rewarding for both new and old players, especially in games where gamesense and aim matter more than what gun you have.
  3. This has been suggested so many times and has always been rejected. RNG is fair, if you introduce crafting it ruins the economy because now dropped guns are worth less than before. If this were to be added, it should be capped at highend. That way we don't get ascendeds flooding the server.
  4. Kaonashi has been contacted via steam and will be given 24 hours to respond dont bully me for being late
  5. If this is all you plan to do with the sheet it'd just be a waste of time tbh. Almost all guns benefit from the same 5 talents in the t1 slot, leech is the best t3 by far but even then t3 doesn't affect the value of a gun that heavily, and t2 almost always comes down to which heal talent you like best, which mag talent you like best or explosive
  6. Put @PhantomVir in charge and it will be done well
  7. They should've been extinct to start out with, as they were in the Easter event. The only problems this could cause are people getting mad because they thought they could reroll something so they bought it because of that and it saying mutated on extinct guns which could cause some confusion about the existence of extinct mutators (is unlikely but people can be absent minded)
  8. staff don't do the coding of the server; we don't give a shit about additions (as staff) unless they affect the rules
  9. Rigged. The only good to come of this is you won't be able to kill me every single god damn time we go to motel and I'm checking bodies in the lobby. You might not remember, but I do 😠 s8nPlz#2325
  10. pk literally only needs an rpm nerf, you guys keep saying its accuracy and kick are "too strong" but it feels like shit at long range, where it is supposed to excel i think 632 base rpm is really just where it needs to go
  11. Having looked over lots of threads, I think we should move towards individualized threads for each weapon people want to see changed. Because of this, I will start a peacekeeper one. However, I would like to make some guidelines about these kinds of posts. 1. If you like/dislike someone's suggestion, add a reaction. Do NOT make a new post where you quote their suggestion and say that it is bad, those flood these threads and are useless. 2. Post only unique ideas. We don't need 15 people saying where they want the rpm buffed or nerfed to, we really only need to say whether or not it should get nerfed. 3. When talking about weapon balancing, this is the most important: leave your personal opinions outside. Nobody gives a shit about your 1250 rpm peacekeeper that you don't want nerfed. Balancing is extremely important and if you find yourself feeling biased, just leave. Now onto my actual balance suggestions for peacekeeper. Before the buff, peacekeeper was drastically underused. I don't know the exact percentages, but m4a1 dominated it. Now however, pk is just a famas with extra damage, which I think we can all agree is broken and needs a nerf badly. Personally, I think that pk was fine (not broken but not useless) where it was before the buff, and should be nerfed back to that, but retain a higher headshot multi at 2.2 rather than 2 (the original). 2.5 is a bit too high, as it makes peacekeeper just a better ak/m4/m8 which have similar rpms. For those who don't know the original values, this would put the rpm back to 632, the same base as m4a1 and ak. 750 as a base rpm is currently way too much, and putting back to where it was will ensure it is BALANCED.
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