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  1. peacekeeper was fine before it got buffed i honestly dont know why some people thought it needed one, it was pretty much an m4 that was better at long range but worse at close range the headshot multi buff is understandable, 2 is a bit low for guns in that rpm range, but buffing the rpm to 750 base was a mistake. it now has the same base rpm as a famas, mp5, cf05, and sterling (plus their counterparts besides the famas te) which essentially makes those guns near useless. Before the pk got buffed, all of those guns were sidegrades of each other, but with pk thrown in now into the mix theres not really a reason to take the 4 extra damage that it offers
  2. wtf is a yellow moat player also is gay and needs to keep his chickens to himself
  3. While i do like this idea in theory, giving armor actually would increase your health even more than health bloom would. Also this essentially would just turn into a bad credit ❤❤❤❤der for ts and be completely useless for detectives. Personally, I think a change to the range of health bloom would be better, perhaps 5-15 so it has its uses (making weapons take 1 more shot to kill) without being extremely annoying at higher ranges where it can make guns take 3 sometimes even 4 more shots to kill. Also with a 20 health bloom and armor you technically have 171 health in no way should 71 extra health be okay with how easy it is to obtain
  4. theres not really a point to a guide like this if its just to say ascended mutators reroll ascendeds lol
  5. monte carlo isnt guranteed 7 stats btw (min from what ive seen is 5) titan ascended uniques can only roll 6 stats (and as far as i know always roll 6)
  6. player has been contacted via discord and will be given 24 hours to respond
  7. player has been contacted via steam and will be given 24 hours to respond
  8. player has been contacted via steam and will be given 24 hours to respond
  9. player has been contacted via steam and will be given 24 hours to respond
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