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  1. Just make it so it can get all stats. Stat ranges are fine as is
  2. this is the main reason gambling actually helps the economy, it drains ic so we don't have everyone sitting at 10 mil
  3. s8nPlz

    Greed Talent

    I like the idea of weapons with guaranteed greed talents opposed to it being in the general talent pool. If it were to be added, I think it would be best to make it the only talent on the gun, and have the stats be highend tier (although I dont know where it should drop from) The only thing that I dislike about it is that you already get rewarded for getting kills. From what I remember, you normally have a 1 in 3 chance on obtaining an item, but for every 2 kills you get as a t and every 1 kill as an innocent/detective, you get another roll of the 1 in 3 chance to obtain an item. Adding a talent that straight up just gives you money on TOP of that is a bit much imo.
  4. Way too overpowered This should never get added
  5. The person in this complaint is a staff member. Please fill out the correct form found here: https://moat.gg/community/forum/151-submit-a-staff-complaint/ Locked and archived
  6. So sweating even harder gets you a bunch of free ascended and cosmics? No thanks. As for the mission suggestion, the main problem I see with that is they would be either too similar to dailies or contracts to make them unique enough to be worth adding into the game. The rewards would also pretty much be the exact same as dailies (or maybe even worse) to make them balanced. Also you never said why levels should take twice as long to reach...
  7. Lol that needs both stat and talent reroll. I doubt you'll see an 800. You also can't pricecheck planetaries just don't take anything less than 250k
  8. Player is currently banned but will be unbanned on July 1st. He will be given until July 8th to payback the loan or face a permanent tradeban
  9. you accidentally typed "talk p" instead of "f" better watch those typos
  10. +1 pog idea, makes it so you can complete the daily without sacrificing your basic needs as a traitor or detective will also make credit hoarder and goblin more useful as they will help with this daily as well
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