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  1. Bro where can I get the hacks you use tho???
  2. Very nice meme hat on the superman model
  3. Wait what? Im just talking about opening 1 crate at a time.
  4. Bruv it doesnt cause much if any lag opening crates. Delay on buying crates is fine. Deconing a bunch of stuff does lag the server.
  5. Takes way to long to open crates now. Please fix, I dont want to spend 10 sec between each crate opening. Which if i buy 100k worth of spring thats 666 crates (100,000/150=666.66667) and if its 10 sec between each crate thats 6650 seconds (665*10) which is 110.83 mins and thats 1.84 hours just opening crates. Please revert to what it was before with no time in the middle.
  6. Like a but ton on the event next to the gun to enable showing that gun? Then it will show on your screen in a corner and its a bit transparent? This would be great +1
  7. https://imgur.com/a/ZRTvv5K c/o 60k BRUV THESES STATS ARE POGGERS
  8. akaline is ak te m4a1 isnt in the event gun pool
  9. all off market now bff no more
  10. not a spa wned in item. Seems like it is a glitch item from when stats went above normal. He must of abused gift boxes If its the sword than its def a glitched wep as it has accuracy and kick
  11. make jaun talent work in tdm and ffa, thank you
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