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  1. Should be called cannibal
  2. cmon no let me use it as better catsense
  3. this would be very nice
  4. Why are some in past tense and some in present? Like the pumpkin crate is in past when it should be in present (has not were). Good guide tho. I can see where it could be useful
  5. I was thinking about this. How bout instead of having to lvl once you finish a color of a daily it unlocks a new one. The unlock able ones are x3 the awards maybe as the normal ones. This will be one of the dailies already in that section but be x2 the difficulty. For the highend instead of that what if its an ascended. Brighter gray has a 1/100 chance for a random ascended,brighter purple has a 1/35 chance for a random ascended, and the brighter green will have 1/2 chance for an ascended (the green ones are pretty hard so it should give out a nice reward) i.e. if you finish all the purple colored ones itll unlock a brighter purple one and that one gives 15k ic and times 3 the amount of xp it usually gives.
  6. only grenade exploit i know of that should be fixed is throwing down them pre round and getting a lot to spam them
  7. bad idea. Gives advantages to ppl who dont read chat and can make it easier to kill traitors. I highly disagree with it. Just learn to read, hold tab and click on there name to change it. Gives unfair advantages. Takes away some of the players need for stuff. Would make it so I only have to look for a "kill" on there person.
  8. Most if not all omega crate cosmetics are now errors. Please fix or get rid of them so there is more space for other cosmetics for the omega crate
  9. ah yes Ice33 is very hot
  10. demonic version looks better than the sentinel would be cool to have
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