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  1. In-Game Name of Offender Why you bully me Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) (STEAM_0:1:426102177) Date of Incident 03/23/2020 Report Type Abusive Votekicker Your Discord ID Description Called a vote kick on me without calling a staff for killing him while he was afk Evidence Attachments
  2. Viewing the weapon sights is just to have it look cool. Weapons dont have downsides if the weapon swing affects them because you can just set it to lower sights when aiming. Then you have a crystal clear, no sway crosshair that is less distracting. Remove weapon swing WHILE aiming. Otherwise hipfire sway is fine and I could care less if its removed.
  3. Some of the changes here are kinda ridiculous *decrease kick on peacekeeper* *ak te recoil nerf by 25%* What are these. Even a worn Peacekeeper has zero recoil The ak and ak te have a fair amount of recoil that makes them less precise at medium-long ranges
  4. I was intending this to be for newer players but your idea sounds pretty good, and I like the thoughts you mentioned
  5. Adds a contract crate (bought from the ic shop) where you can get a reward for mastering a certain weapon. The contract could cost 1.5-2k ic, and when opened would drop a random contract prefixed weapon (the weapon would have high-end stats, no talents, and would decon for worn value [15-30 ic] to make it not a guaranteed profit [that would be broken] and would take 20 levels to complete). The focus would be to reward new players for learning how to use the weapons that have been set in front of them and something for mid levels to grind to profit off the even level crate drops, while still making them use weapons they normally wouldn't. (Also yes, you still get even level crate drops) Obviously this wouldn't hurt the economy, as nobody wants to buy a high-end weapon with no talents (from the completed contract drop). (To be clear the guaranteed high-end reward would be corresponding the the weapons contract [ex: the contract is for an m8a1. When completed you would get a talentless high-end m8a1]). Because the weapon is talentless the only mutator it could drop would be a stats mutator. Leave any feedback you may have.
  6. It's either this (where you may need to spend millions to get stats to what you want (because they are still randomized %s ) or have to completely reroll all talents which is completely non viable if you just want good stats, as that would take billions of ic to even get back to the talents you originally had.
  7. The moat dev team has stated they don't care too much about the economy, and are more focused on making the moat experience more enjoyable.
  8. I agree, and was going to suggest this exact item. Possibly named (rarity) talent-stats mutator with the same drop rate as the talent mutators/stat mutators.
  9. I agree. I often go an hour and a half without getting a traitor round, while other times I see people getting 2 to 3 traitor rounds in a row which is just frustrating.
  10. Rifle ammo as in assault rifle ammo Also the mp5g has like 7 seconds worth of ammo and does 12 base damage but much lower rpm. Thanks for the feedback though.
  11. Burst was a talent idea. It doesn't correspond with this weapon concept, however thank you for the feedback. When I said 'bursts' I meant as in short periods of fire, not an actual burst operated fire mode.
  12. Maybe a little less levels for purple, but otherwise sounds great
  13. Just as a note If you really do wish to see this concept viewed by moat or other high ranks, consider upvoting to increase that chance by showing your support
  14. Mg3 (Superior, high-end, ascended, cosmic, planetary) [dmg:12] [rpm:1200] [mag:65] Description: a high rate of fire, burst machinegun with medium accuracy and tolerable recoil. The mg3 demands snappy aim as you have 3 ish seconds to dump 65 rounds with a 5 second reload. Takes rifle ammo boxes with a max reserve of 180 rounds. [Obviously stats can be changed to balance if overpowered or (less likely) underpowered.] Also dont just say "waaah other guns need balancing so how dare you suggest anything before they fix this game" or anything along those lines as this is just a suggestion. Thanks for your time -Skullkid
  15. Same recoil to balance. Ex: deagle would be near uncontrollable due to rapid high recoil. Same with rifles and most shotguns. (Edit: to be clear, this does NOT add a burst while still firing as normal. This talent would completely override rate of fire, and swap it to only burst. To fire another burst you must release the trigger and pull again, same as semi auto weapons.
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