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  1. there is no OP gun anymore, wipe is not needed. The server are fine
  2. what you mean? everyone wanted a roll back when the glitch happen, u guys been warned not to open box, sell, buy, or trade anything.
  3. Yeahjah

    Corona climb

    free user cant get compensation over their lost items, I understand. But what about our time spend? I think moat just give us IC compensation based on time played on the server 🙃
  4. why would u need that if theres already BOSTON duh 🙃 the og talent
  5. @darkfinst *Lichtschaltergott* sry bro, sold for a stealth box, asc model, and some pure ic. Offer on other stuff there bruda 🙂 M16 Lovers is very guud
  6. @Sneezium the highend one? it has trig finger ill sell for 10K if u want @yuplol the offer is now 170K by flipped, it has b/o 225K, if u want to offer let me know
  7. @Flipped Table sure, https://imgur.com/a/BgoHWB8 its fully leveled
  8. i understand that 🙂 dont worry shop still open for 6 days, still got some time to get ic to offers
  9. @Void Gaming hmm, why not you take that 450K c/o and use the pure ic to offer on my guns? 🙂
  10. ya sure, its dual m16 and dancer: https://imgur.com/a/SkoB107 https://imgur.com/a/rNLbm7Q the dual m16 has no +weight stat so u can run normally with that, which is good and rare 🙂
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