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  1. Well, for guns with very small clips, sometimes there isnt enough chances to hit a person to refill the ammo, so while Refilling and Meticulous are both great talents for guns with big clips, guns that already need to be reloaded constantly would benefit from a reload boost.
  2. I actually made a suggestion for a reload talent back in around June last year. "Sleight of Hand" Basically each kill has a % chance of granting a % faster reload for (a - b) amount of seconds.
  3. If any of y'all have watched VNN before you're probably aware of I think starting around 1:33 would be the best part to start for round end music Ps: the (s) is in case i edit this and add more 🙂
  4. Now the energizing's "pew pew" sound, as hilarious and annoying as it is, seems out of place, it doesn't sound as powerful as an 'energized' weapon should be. Now, take CoD Zombies and the sound that Pack-a-Punched weapons make. ( ) This sounds a lot more punch-ier and would make the guns sound more powerful then the sound used now. If anything it might be a bit nostalgic for anyone that played zombies from 2008 to 2012. If anyone else has another sound that could work as a replacement I'd like to hear it too. 🙂
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