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  1. Make it so any rarity can be traded up but the result is an extinct gun. So 10 planets make an extinct tradeup gun that takes the best stats and talents of the guns and creates the pinnacle of whatever gun you traded up but its extinct rarity ex 10 jungle taps make an extinct jungle tap with really high stats/talents
  2. krytac m4 lmg? wtf if theres an actual weapon in gmod for this sure (airsoft btw)
  3. I don't see anyone talking about this at all. There are 15-20 weapons in any category i can think of. SMG's, pistols , rifles, shotguns, snipers, ect. and all of them have sub categories too, such as the spring and rifle being bolt action, while the deadshot, sr, and now VSS are all semi auto. But there is actually only one LMG, and thats the H.U.G.E, or the mp5g if you consider it to be viable. I cant think of a game where you are not allowed to spray bullets like a mad man. (heavy from tf2, support in battlefield ect.) So lets show our machine guns some love. Also open to weapon suggestions 😃 I have a few choice weapons...❤️ M1918 BAR MG42 RPD or something on the ak platform PKM Browning M2
  4. Make this post a reality please. I get bored trying to make my bit of ic doing marathon walker on every server.
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