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  1. So, starting at around 7:30pm pst, ARam had been RDMing. After roughly 8pm pst (Discord comment made), after calling for staff and waiting a few minutes, we had attempted to votekick ARam for mass RDMing. He pulled things like tossing dynamite into crowds and then firing at anyone who lived, discombobbing people off of skyscraper with the confusion nade, pushing people off manually with barrels, or just straight firing at people. At some point, ARegularJohnDoe and ARam chose to specifically target nikh. Mind you, by this point, after a failed votekick, we had started killing ARam and ARegularJohnDoe if they started firing at anyone. This was taken into our hands by multiple players because the failed votekick resulted in cooldowns. Nikh killed ARam ONE of the times, having been attacked again, and said that was revenge. This led to Delta's misunderstanding of the situation. Every new map, we attempted to votekick. These did not succeed, usually due to 6 or more no votes. So every map, every round, if ARam or ARegularJohnDoe fired randomly into crowds, or cornered a guy and killed them, we would gun them down. We couldn't votekick despite the obvious constant RDM they would pull, so we had to stop them somehow. At just before 9pm pst, their buddy came on, under the name of Zokerman. The three of them teamed up and killed Nikh, before playing like normal, albeit ghosting very obviously in mic chat a couple times. The final round of the incident, Zokerman opened fire on Nikh, and Nikh killed Zokerman. ARam opened fire from behind us, killing myself and Nikh. ARegularJohnDoe started screaming out that Nikh was mass RDMing, despite having killed only one in self defence and died. After the round ended, The three of them as well as bealzabub/Moat.gg, and Delta who had misunderstood the situation, perpetuated that Nikh had been RDMing. We managed to kick the three, but My3Reasons who had entered only a couple rounds prior and only had the information given during the last round votekicked Nikh. Due to the rampage, I guess people didn't realize who was being kicked, and Nikh had been votekicked. I believe it should be mentioned that AS FAR AS MY3REASONS KNEW, Nikh had been RDMing. He came on, and heard 5 people making that claim and, as one of the few VIPs who could still do so due to cooldowns, he believed it was required to votekick to return the server to a calm state. My3Reasons honestly did not know, and I don't believe that this should show as a strike against him. Innocence in ignorance, and the situation was VERY hectic and easy to garner misinformation with so little time. Rather than that, we had three players ghosting and mass RDMing, and it took almost an hour for any staff to respond to the situation. We had to take things into our hands, or they would have gotten away with a lot more.
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