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  1. Theres already a new rarity "in the works" it was announced nearly 2 years ago "Interstellar"
  2. Its been like this since Ling first joined the team, he was the one to add the zoom sight to the Raginator in the first place, it is nothing new and a quick fix anyways.
  3. What D4NG3R said, heres the link for next time. https://moat.gg/forums/forms/5-submit-a-report/
  4. 90% of first time offenders know nothing of the rules on votekicking, hence why we only give a warning with a reminder link to the votekick rules so they dont do it again. You have to understand our votekick punishments dont need to be as hard as RDM punishments because on their second offense they lose the privilege to votekick forever. First offense punishments shouldnt be that hard because most of the time they dont even know there are rules to it. You can bring up the "Oh well it warns to call for staff before votekicking" screen prior to votekicking but thats only if you do it from the menu itself which again, most people probably dont even know exist as you can votekick from the leaderboard when you hold TAB. It was a lot more helpful to direct people to the votekick rules when they were in the MOTD but now that they have been removed it becomes harder for people to properly find the votekick rules because they are only listed here on the forums
  5. Having had no contact with the victim since the reported agreed to tradeback, this complaint will be closed and the reported will not be required to pay anything back unless another complaint is made.
  6. I like how it would leave you weaponless while in use as to not introduce anything too OP in terms of equipment
  7. Ye, lemme just upgrade my crowbar to planetary man
  8. there is already a high end counterpart called the ectopati and its a buffed version of the ecopati (1tap head etc...)
  9. Player will be warned about traveling outside clearly marked boundaries of a map/ areas that have invisible textures that you can see through Closed
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