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  1. SirInsanity#2877 count me in. Best memory would be all those times playing on TTC back in april to early may
  2. I've already told you on #pc that its impossible to have standardized prices with the guns because of huge variation talents, stats, and rarities. A price check is merely an opinion to what the gun is really worth and people can always offer more than the pced value if they really want it. EDIT: Even if cole added in a bot for this purpose, I'll give it less than 5 mins before it breaks.
  3. TL;DR Yeah, no. You're trying to bridge the gap between casual players and players who actually grinded for their items. You can get at least 50k from the dailies and level up once or twice. You can save the ic you get from the dailies to buy good ascendeds or cosmics. I know it's possible because that's what I used to do.
  4. Maybe add in LA flame, tyler, and hotline bling drake also
  5. Grenade Launcher/Mortar 5-10% chance to shoot a discombobulator Alt: 1-5% chance to shoot an incendiary/smoke EDIT: add ammo cap for every grenade like 2-3 max for every type (suggested by @Kelpo) 10/10 "great idea" @Kelpo 10/10 "i love it" @kruma
  6. Try searching for it under the TTT gamemode Moat.gg TTC Beta #1
  7. TTC is actually up for days now. Try joining from the game not the server links in the discord and here in the site
  8. I already hate the detective's disarmer and you're already suggesting it should be added to a melee. It's super annoying to get disarmed since you have to find all your guns. What happens then if you get disarmed before a T shoots you and you have nothing to defend yourself with?
  9. Mp5g infinitely better than huge tho
  10. Why does my turbo make a whining sound like a supercharger when its spooling up? The turbo on my wrx sti doesnt do that
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