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  1. Dude, I had fun playing with you everyday since you were one of the kindest people I have ever met not only on TTC but also on the server. Thank you for those fun hours of playing everyday and I wish you luck in your future endeavours.
  2. Its a good and respectable gun, why nerf it?
  3. I love this. I fully support this talent
  4. Hi im that dude whos sane but shows flashes of insanity
  5. I wore a chell model and used a perf froghopper for around 6 hours and then it hit me that why the f*** am I rushing this event when all I ever want is a planetary msbs and maybe a ump or tmp. The event will last for a couple of months and why are people rushing to get planetarys? To sell them on the market? I literally see no point of crouch jumping just so no one can hit you and should in some way be given a solution to end this madness.
  6. Dead serious this is the only idea that I actually agree with.
  7. The thing is, pistols are already good at their current state. Why ask for more? They deal the right dmg at the right rpm at the right mag size. No pistol is broken. As to adding a crate that exclusively contains pistols, I don't see the point wasting 500-2000 ic for a crate that will only drop pistols and with current drop rates, I am more likely to get a worn or a standard pistol which will only be most likely deconed. Plus I don't see anyone else trying to ask for crates exclusively dropping smgs, ❤❤❤ault rifles, or rifles.
  8. Why would we need more pistols, we already have deagles, revolvers, standard pistols and what not. And why would a crate be needed when they are already dropping regularly from crates. Based on personal experience, I dropped way more pistol high-ends and ascendeds from the existing crates.
  9. IGN: SirInsanity Discord: SirInsanity#2877
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