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  1. Yeah was mostly playing with what I had. Personally a seperate tab would be better. Also most likely none I was mostly using it to show how much space I could fit higher priced items would be.
  2. A bidding system could work, however, I'm more talking about having something like how Pokemon Games did the GTS system. Basically you select a gun you want sell set a price you think it's worth and put it onsale. Depending on how it's implemented it could allow for Anonymous Gun posts or with the Players name. This would allow for people to pick a price they feel fits the gun and than have the community naturally chooses if it's worth such due to them pricing it around what most people price said guns existing in the market place already. This leads to a easier system while also being more competitive as you would try to out price other people for getting IC stuff. Also just to add it might be worth having the user to post a link that shows all of there guns being sold in chat that'd just prompt the ingame menu to show his currently listed weapons in such a system.
  3. One thing I always felt that should be added to the server would be a system to host Guns being listed for sell on the server. It would basically look something like this? You could hover over the weapons and get the stats like they would in the inventory. It would sorta act like a Server Inventory. It could possibly include specific weapon search option as well or possibly if you in your inventory you right click a gun to "See Similar Gun Auctions" This could act as a basic price check built in game and allow people to sell there own guns they found. This would basically be a cleaner way to get into the trading and selling system then the trusting of peoples words. It could even get more stuff added to it in the future and maybe have stuff like Auction only Event Items being added that people could try to raise IC to buy the limited number of them. Basically it opens the doors for a easier user system for Trading and Gun Finding and lowers the Chat Spam of Current Guns people are willing to trade.
  4. I think this is something that's sorta long overdue. Update the Thumbnails of Maps that have no Image shown! Either be it by grabbing an image from the Steam Workshop they use or a Custom Screenshot you guys made. I feel this would help boost people choosing maps that look cool due to the screenshot and give the map a try. Heck, there could possibly be a community screenshot thread that people can vote and share on the best screenshot of the map for Moat to use. (Winners could get something stupid like an Effect of a Globe spinning or some ♥♥♥♥.)
  5. Yes, however, I rather see more feedback on my post as now we do know that some rounds are being removed. Also, it's commonly better for people to use older threads (Such as this one) than to make newer ones with the same purpose.
  6. Bump! Felt it would be nice to bring up since the current wacky rounds are being voted on.
  7. ♥♥♥♥, this feature is built into my Mouse as an option for any of the buttons. It would be pretty hard to counter due to how you can just slow the clicking or just change how it's spaced out.
  8. I think the AWP should be nerfed but not by Damage. I feel it could be swapped out with a Barrett M107 which would be LOUD and create a decent smoke trail from the Traitor to the Killed to showcase the bullet trail. (not sure if this is possible.) It will still be OP in damage but players can easily find you so it would discourage the use of it. Now for a true Silenced Sniper to be introduced it should be a Semi-Auto like the SR-25 which would do 50 Damage each but gives you very little recoil and decent repeat fire. It could be given 4-6 rounds compared to the 2 of the M107. These might need a bit more work in balancing but I feel this would make it a bit fairer while also giving the players have both play styles available.
  9. I 100% Agree with this! Most bounties are rewarding you on focusing on the goal than continuing to play normally. I've spent plenty of times doing the explosive rewards and end up slacking on using the right tools just so I can get some EXP and possible High-End chance. Re-arranging it to be focused on passive rewards over time and make it like an overall achievement system could be good. However, I love how you described this system Chrome.
  10. -1 this map is one of my favorite maps. Learn to use the map more and you will begin to like it more than some of the other boring/overplayed maps. Also I've never had any volume issue on it so that might be your settings.
  11. NEW WACKY ROUNDS Silence Round - All guns are silenced and all Kills are Quiet. Innocents would have a harder time playing this round, however, this promotes Group Play for Innos but promotes Individual play by T's. Sensitive Hearing Round - Guns, Footsteps, Explosions, and Environmental interactions are increased. This would make T Rounds far more difficult and would promote the T's to use Silent Weapons or go all out and use weapons like the Mini Gun or Jihad over the usual C4 or Turtle Mine. (Proximity Mine would also be a more valid candidate.) Rage Round - The more players die the higher damage they can give and the higher HP the players get. For T's this works with each other as well but reverse, the more T's the Higher HP and Damage however if you lose a T buddy your health pool lowers. This supports T's working together than doing solo play. Heavy Gravity Round - The gravity is heavy and the fall damage increased as well as most guns range is also decreased (since bullet drop off is lowered.) This promotes more close quarter gameplay and discourages climbing to higher locations. (Reverse of this could be a Low Gravity Round) Warning: This may make some maps be exploited to reach undesired locations. Testing of this would need to be required. Health Drain Round - This would be a fun take on how TTT could be played. Everyone will get a specific type of weapon that allows the player to shoot and sap their health. That Health is then added to you. This creates a unique dynamic of gameplay as this could allow for T's to become far more powerful as the game goes on. Detectives will start with a higher health pool to help balance out the round while also being there to help tackle the Stronger T's. I'm thinking the weapon could either replace the player's weapons altogether or just be added into the player's inventory. The Detectives mass health pool would already encourage the T's to try to use the weapon. The Drainer should be Silent but should be visible that a person is using it. (Glowing Particle Effects flowing off them.) Explosives Round - This round might not be something everyone loves but I feel it would be pretty fun. Everyone's Weapon has the Explosive Weapon Trait and when a T Dies there Body Explodes. This is extremely simple but it can create a HUGE impact on how the game is played. If the T decides to take out a group of players by shooting and peoples gut reaction is to instantly kill you than you basically doomed the group and your self. REVISED WACKY ROUNDS Cartoon Round - Lower the Effect that the Cartoon Rounds use to give it the Cellshaded look and/or lower the Saturation it seems to cause as well. This works fine on some maps but A LOT of maps look like garbage and can be a huge eyesore while playing them. If I were to recommend a change, I'd make the round more accurate to how Cartoons act in shows and make it more unique and fun in how things play. How I would do this is increase the Knockback players take even from bullets. This could lead to people deciding not to camp on a high roof as one bullet can send you plummeting to your death or have the T shooting you misjudge your reaction time and send him off instead! However, the trade-off for this is players would take far less fall damage. This is to play on the trope of Cartoon Characters falling from MASSIVE heights but surviving unhurt. Guns in this Mode will pack a punch as lots of shows like to be over dramatic on how guns play and will do possibly 20% more damage than normal and all players start either with more health or with Body Armor. Optionally if we wanted to capture the fast nature of cartoon characters every could have Hermes Boots as a slight speed up. Old Timey Round - It can, for the most part, remain however I feel there should be some tinkering with the filter as some maps with dark locations become impossible to see anything in and remain completely black. This could easily be expanded but wanted to sum up saying more unique and fun Rounds could be a great way to instead of more people complain be happy that there's a changeup. Having one round show up over and over again like Cartoon Round or Old Timey Round can impact the uniqueness negatively if the players dislike them.
  12. Well here's the thing. You know what this, however, promotes for the Innos? Group Play to watch for T's trying to kill you. Let alone people still end up B Hopping easily. Just because one round is easier in one way doesn't mean there aren't other ways to combat it. Creating unique ways to counter the problem is something that changes up the gameplay for good.
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