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  1. So from my short time on the server, I've noticed that there's a few things that this server doesn't have that a lot of others do that I think would be beneficial to add to moat. - A blue outline to detectives (for innocents only), this just lets innocents identify detectives easier and makes it so they don't accidentally shoot them. - A red outline around traitors (for traitors only), this lets Ts easily identify other Ts without looking directly at them, leading to less accidental killing of T-buddies. - A post-death deathmatch. This gives players something to do after dying instead of sitting around doing nothing. I can refer to servers that have this for examples. - (not sure if this is already a thing) but a Defibrillator T weapon. Just allows T's to revive their T-buddies from the dead. *I will add whatever other suggestions I can think of to this post as I think of them* Thank you
  2. I've played on a few other TTT servers that have a deathmatch implemented for people who have died. I think this would be really good if it were to be implemented to moat just so people who are dead have a little something to do while dead, because sometimes it can be a bit annoying waiting ages for rounds to end with nothing to do.
  3. I want to win because I am poor boi and need a gun, any gun will do I'm grateful either way thankyou sir
  4. *cough cough* because you're twats *cough* Okay, now I'm done.
  5. Dude, I don't even care, I'm saying others might. You don't know what other people in the community are going through right now. They might have a family member who's hospitalized or are even hospitalized themselves because they have Corona Virus, and the last thing they would want is to jump on the server while the 'CoRoNa ClImB' is going on... It's not even about being politically correct it's about being a considerate person, YOU may not care, but believe it or not, YOU are not the only person on this planet. There are so many other names that are not also better than the 'Corona Climb' but are also less offensive and make more sense. 'Quarantine Quest' for example. That took me all of 2 seconds to come up with, it aint hard. The server literally has 'fun' in the name and there is nothing fun about Corona. No need to reply, I aint going to waste anymore energy arguing with children. No need to be toxic.
  6. I know, but naming a positive event over a negative situation doesn't seem right in my opinion. I know if I had Corona Virus or someone I know had it and all of a sudden the server I'm on is like "Corona run haha fun!" I'd be a little bit offended. Like I said, the event sounds cool, I'd just change the name.
  7. Seems a bit insensitive, I get that Corona is a meme to a lot of people but you don't know if anyone on the server or in this community has it or knows someone that does. You shouldn't joke about that stuff, it's actually a serious issue. The event itself sounds like a good idea, just name it something less insensitive.
  8. Your Name: Retz Your Steam ID: 76561198171165683 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: Not sure Ban Reason: 'purp rdm x2' Ban Length: 2 days Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: So a dude called '-eco' RDMs me, I had killed an inno because he killed an inno so I had the right to kill him, and then -eco comes along and RDMs me. If it's true that you can KOS someone for killing an inno even if that inno had killed an inno themselves, that is fucking stupid (sorry). That would mean all it would take is 1 inno RDMing someone to start a whole chain of RDMs. That is a really stupid system. The second time I was RDM'd was by a dude name 'y33t', I was AFK at spawn doing nothing the entire round on my T round, and then all of a sudden y33t comes along and just offs me. He claims it was for 'association' which is straight bullshit because the traitor I was 'associating' with was super far away and I hadn't associated with him at all. In my opinion the whole association rule is bullshit and leads to a lot of RDM. There's a reason no other server has this rule in place... I admit the kill on eco was on purpose because no staff were on, but the kill on y33t was for association. So y33t's allowed to kill ME for association, but if I do it all of a sudden it's RDM? That's bullshit. His reasoning was literally "The traitor looked at you and then shot me, so that's association" fucking what???? So just because a traitor looks at me and then shoots someone else, that's association? There are SO many other factors at play... maybe that traitor saw me and then saw y33t and decided to kill him first? Maybe he was about to shoot me but y33t interrupted him before he could? Maybe he was going to kill y33t and then kill me but y33t killed him before he could? You can see what I'm getting at when I say this association rule is bullshit and shouldn't be a thing. It's not all black and white, there are so many factors to consider that this stupid rule ignores entirely. In my eyes it just gives people a way to RDM and get away with it. I've literally seen people kill AFKs and say "KILLING FOR ASSOCIATION" right before it just so they don't get in trouble. I've played on TTT servers for 6 years now and become staff on literally every TTT community I've ever been a part of, and this is the first to have this stupid 'association' rule. You'd think your server being the only one with this rule would be a red flag, right? There's a reason your server is the only one that does it... it isn't fair, there's a lot of assuming going on, and it leads to RDM like it did in this case. I don't give a fuck if I was 'associating' with another traitor, I had done literally NOTHING traitorous that entire round, so him killing me was RDM. All in all, a stupid rule that got me RDM'd and somehow I get banned because of it? Fun. Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: Yes Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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