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  1. Yet, Boss rounds can be ended as fast as less than a min while stalker always take 5 min + also a camping boss will only resulted in getting rushed by innos or got all the innos killed which both situation make the round wont last long at all
  2. Stalker rounds need a total change/just straight up be removed. the round always take extremely long to finish, it's boring, and worst of all everyone just got too focus of the easter eggs instead of the actual game and it needs a total change. Most people who defend the stalker round is most likely just want to farm eggs instead of the mini game. AT LEAST JUST REMOVE THE EGGS AND LET PPL FOCUS ON THE ACTUAL GAME
  3. I feel like this might lead to increase amount of meta gaming since u can get ic by killing and it can be active w/o any player limitation(which other ic gaining method have, i.e. dailies[4 players], contracts[8 players]), which might lead to ic farming. This might also create a gray area for meta gaming. just my personal opinion tho
  4. As may know i made a post before hoping moat will add DOD: Source weapon. So here i am , giving some weapon ideas. TO CATCH UP : BAR - M1918 Default DMG: 28 Default RPM: 525 Default MAG: 25 Full Auto M1 Garand Default DMG : 40 Default RPM: 260 Default MAG: 16 Semi Kar 98K (NO SCPOE) (RE-SKIN OF SPRINGFIELD) PPSH Default DMG: 18 Default RPM: 900 Default MAG: 50 FULL AUTO TO BE CONTINUED... Click me
  5. The low rpm kinda balanced it, if we times the rpm by 8 and make it 240rpm which is most melee sitting at and divided the dmg by 8 the dmg is only 5
  6. WEAPON IDEA: THE SHINING AXE Weapon Tier: ASC Weapon group: Ascended Melee Weapon stats: BASE DMG --- 42 BASE RPM --- 30 ( BASE ON THE ACTUAL MOVIE ) MAG: Inf PUSH DELAY --- 5%-10% PUSH FORCE --- 20% - 40% WEIGHT --- -5% - 10% MIN/MAX DMG % --- 10% - 25% MIN/MAX RPM % --- -5% - 10% WEAPON DESCRIPTION: HERE'S JOHNNY!
  7. The only rework it needs is to fix the reload animation, if u look closely, u can see that it didn't really "reload", u just pull out the mag and put it back in, and it's not even off screen... I can't unsee it ever since
  8. First of all, that's extremely unfair. Second, crossfire happens Third, this is so gonna get abused by arseholes to t-bait to get rid of lv 1s (when there is no staff on) Fourth, this will cause so much trouble in TTC, since in the code, Serial killers and hitmen count as innos (I know lv1 should not be on TTC anyway but they only deserve a kick, not ban)
  9. feels like a pain in the ❤❤❤❤ to find a model for it
  10. I think it's a bit odd to have only 4 WW2 gun (MP40, Springfield, STEN MK2, Tommy gun) so why not add more or even make crate just for WW2 guns. And the models of the guns wouldn't be a problem since There is already Day of Defeat Source weapon pack on Gmod workshop. I would love to see M1 Garand, BAR or a STG 44 in the game. Maybe even a MG42 as an alt choice for huge 249. (i am just a fan of old guns) workshop pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=926975171
  11. I think the biggest problem isn't it's rpm or it's damage, the problem is that glock lovers shouldn't be HE grade, like back in the days, Duel glocks are rare af, they should make the glock lover asc grade+ weapon, however it's too late since they are EVERYWHERE now.
  12. The model for FAL/Jungle tap is not FAL(L1A1) at all, it's H&K G3A3, come on moat, get the names right. What FAL looks like: click me What G3A3 looks like: click me
  13. Since too many players claimed that the "F1" guide doesn't work for them, might as well make a whole guide about TTC
  14. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, paintball for effects
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