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  1. and what would they replace as the T2 that currently is assassin and mute on guns with it? if they get combined it should be T2 not T3
  2. Final stand is just OP, should never be added no matter chances or time frame, money maker could be decent but it just gives a higher chance for a great drop which could be OP, mabye pair it with a talent someone else suggested giving money per kill but on a unique limited time gun, sight it quite useless and only useful if someone owns and uses a Cflash on a server, ghost is also useless as it only blocks you from being seen by 1 talent, as infra sight the second bad name for mark, and mark never procs before you die
  3. BAR is just a higher RPM same dmg higher mag version of the G36C M1 is a lower mag higher RPM version of MSBS PPSH is just ❤❤❤❤ OP, its got higher dmg and RPM than the tommygun with same mag, you either need to make it have really high recoil, or, lower the damage to 15/16, if 15 then its quite a balanced gun, if 16 it needs slightly high recoil to balance out due to being a better mac10 The Kar98k is just great tho, would love to see such an iconic gun thats just a reskin of another iconic gun
  4. could have it so that you have a choice of a few songs which are shuffled at random to play
  5. didnt you see the change that was literally just made? peace sentry stock has now been limited....
  6. yet your not lazy enough to make multiple, which actually takes more effort than all in 1, yeah totally makes sense
  7. I was going off the original one where it didnt say when you are shooting, didnt notice it changed, and even if it is where your crosshair is, your most likely still going to accidentally mass RDM or atleast RDM 1 guy, then someone may kill you cause you placed a turret, all this is hypothetical of what would happen without your "when you are shooting" change, also for the change where you say "people forget what the wrangler is", there we go, a better name for the powerup, "wrangler" makes more sense than "assist" as most people probably understand what the wrangler is, unlike you think, and "assist" could mean anything in general terms, if anything it would be better accuracy or stability
  8. what I think Depresso is saying is that what if he accidentally double taps crouch while using that powerup, it shoots everyone while he is inno and mass RDMs, so the "then dont mass rdm or shoot at innocents" doesnt matter since he has no control over what the turret is doing
  9. I think you will find we do have the M249, the HUGE-249 IS the M249
  10. as an option to toggle on, it would be quite nice as @Dno stated, would allow people to finally see my KOSes even tho they are spammed in chat, cause half the people somehow never see it +1
  11. are you sure it isnt just the fact you are using play dead taunt, which causes it to become the base model version or the base model version with the paint/tint you have on it, if you only have a skin on your model, I'm pretty sure it wont show the skin on the model when play dead taunting, if you want this fixed if it even is a glitch, have proof from someone else's perspective of you standing still without any skin on your model
  12. it wasn't a 3k difference, look carefully, he lost 45k not 15k, thats a 33k difference
  13. disguiser isnt meant to be seen on radar, but for some reason I can always see disguised people on radar, it doesnt actually do as it says, only disguises your name and model rn unless it was recently fixed
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