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  1. After reviewing, it was seen that Neuro is'nt new to this behavior. Neuro STEAM_0:0:74895288 will be punished with Hateful Conduct 2nd Offense for 1 month. - Closed and Moved -
  2. The evidence shows clearly both players knew what they were doing was wrong. Both players will be punished accordingly. Vethar STEAM_0:0:34428541 - Metagaming -1 day ban Brown Boy STEAM_0:1:153085672 - Bounty Helping - 1 day ban - Locked and Moved -
  3. In conclusion to the evidence and that the reported player explained his side but without denial Griddle STEAM_0:1:223471870 will be slain x5 for punishment for Accidental Mass RDM. Please be more careful. - Closed and Archived -
  4. player has been contacted on discord and has 24 hours to respond.
  5. The offender responded with his own screenshot. In both screenshots Corinthian DID claim the room correctly but failed to warn RMBlove22 to leave said claimed room before killing him. In conclusion Corinthian will be slain for Accidental RDM . Please be more careful and ask the player to leave your claimed room before KOSing. -Closed & Archived-
  6. @Rmblove22 Do you have more substantial evidence to support these claims??
  7. We're sorry you had to deal with this, but due to lack of evidence, action cannot be taken in this case. Please try to record or have a witness record for evidence the next time this happens. If the offense is in text, screenshots will suffice. - CLOSED & ARCHIVED -
  8. @Desolatetrack65 Do you have any evidence to support these claims?
  9. TeLLLL  MeEEEEeeeEEEE 🤪

  10. After reaching out to Deathena she confirmed she and Bloodshed19 are friends & he was playing with her. If you would like to take action against 'Slider', Please feel free to make a report with any evidence you may have. - Closed and Archived -
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