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  1. In-Game Name of Offender Ruffian Steam ID of Offender (i.e., STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXX) STEAM_0:1:448398242 Date of Incident 02/10/2020 Report Type Purposeful RDM Your Discord ID Description I saw him shooting someone so i proceed to kill him, he says the guy he killed was KOSed, so next game starts and he RDMs me and admits to Rdming me Evidence Attachments
  2. Your Name: Father Timzorrr Your Steam ID: 76561198120051834 Which server where you banned on?: TTT #1 Staff Member that Banned You: BoostedWolfy89 {moat.gg} Ban Reason: Purp RDM Ban Length: 1day Did you break any rules?: No What Happened: So i was playing on a map and i wanted to go into the basement, Some warned some other guy twiceto stop bodybocking but infact no one was actually blocking him, so i go down the stairs and try to get into the absement, he then proceeds to advert a 3rd warn and straight up RDMs me and told that it was fine and he was not in the wrong. There was no witnesses or anyone that would back me up because they kept telling me to stop bitching and The guy was just taunting me because he got away with it So i tried out the same thing, blocked a doorway and adverted 2 times in chat and funnily enough it was the same person so i adverted my third warning and kill the guy and now its not allowed and i was banned for a day Also he warned me and said next time its a ban and after a minute i get banned Witnesses: Have you read over our rules?: Yes Do you regret doing what you did?: No Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?: Yes
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